December 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                             Monday, December 22, 2014

Alright things are going good here. I am still in Vermont which I am glad of. The area is great. We had 140 people at sacrament meeting. One of the highest attending I have ever been to out here. It was awesome. Our Chapel is really old. One of the old original chapels. The area is great. We have a lot of rural and then Barre which is a pretty big city. I dont know for sure but I would guess around 20,000 in just the city itself, let alone the surrounding areas. It is a really old city. They quarry granite here so everything is made out of granite. The Joseph Smith Memorial was quarried in Barre which is really cool. We are going to go visit the Quarry sometime. People here are nuts. Barre has a lot of mental health people and people on welfare. So far we have had quite a few experiences. A lot of drunk people. A bunch of drunk ladies in a limo wanted to get a picture with us. We had one guy talk about how he thought all the rich people in America should give handouts to the poor people. He was kind of bugging me so I said, "Yeah wheres my free hand out? I want a piece of that!" He agreed. The ward is great here. It is an excellent missionary ward. Well thats all I guess.

My companion is: Elder Ryan Stephenson
How OLD: 19
Where is your companion from: Draper Utah
How long has your companion been serving his mission? 17 months
Has he been a zone leader before? No.
What is your companion like: He is a really hard worker and is ready to go out and get things done.

What ward/Branch are you serving in? We are serving in the Montpelier Ward. Our area is Montpelier 2. The Sisters are Montpelier 1.
Has your companion been serving in the ward/branch? He has never served in this ward. We are both brand new to it.
How many missionaries are serving with you in the ward/branch? 4 Us and the Sisters. Sister May and Sister Duncan
Do you have meetings with the bishop? Yes
Do you attend ward council meetings? Yes

What kind of car do you have? 2013 Toyota Corolla
Are you both the Designated Drivers? Yes

Tell us about your District: We have Lamoille in Our District.
Lamoille 1 Elder Gray and Elder Williams
Lamoille 2 Sister Miller and Sister McVey
Montpelier 1 Sister May and Sister Duncan
Montpelier 2 Elder Jensen and Elder Stephenson

What is your Zone? Montpelier East Zone
How big is your Zone? Wards/Branches in the Zone, Lamoille, Montpelier, Lyndon, and Newport

Tell us about the investigators? We havent been able to teach any yet.

How are you doing? Good.
So what does it feel like to be in your last area?  No more transfers except for the final transfer.  It is really crazy to be in my last area.
Will you be able to go to the temple one last time?  Yeah we will go to the temple the day before I go home
Does your new zone cover Johnson, VT and will you be able to go up there and visit some of the people you knew? It sure doesn't seem like that long ago when you were in Johnson. Yeah. I am going there on exchange in January. I think we planned it for my last week.

Which area did your companion just come from?  Lamoille, which is pretty cool. He only got to spend a transfer there.
Any snow on the ground where you are? Yeah there is about a foot and a half. It is supposed to rain this week. My second rainy Christmas. 

This transfer is going to be crazy
Week 2 Christmas Zone Meeting
Week 3 New Years
Week 4 Mission Leadership Council in Manchester 
Week 5 Exchange with Newport?
Week 6 Zone Conference, Exchange with Lamoille

Elder CWJensen