November 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,             Monday, November 10, 2014

Alright so heres the low down on my new area!
I am in Essex Vermont! I am so glad to be back in Vermont!
My Companion is:  Elder Parry
My Companion is from: Syracuse Utah
My Companion has been out since: March 2013
How long has your companion been serving in this ward? 6 weeks 
Has he been a Zone Leader before? Yes
Are there any problems with sending packages? Nope.
My apartment has: A kitchen a dining room. a study room. a bedroom. a living room. and a bathroom.
Are you the designated driver? We switch off.
What type of vehicle do you have? Toyota Corolla 2015
Do you ride bikes? Nope we walk a lot though. Not as much as the Burlington Elders though.
Which towns have you been to: Milton, Essex, Jericho, Colchester
How big is your Zone? Essex Ward, Burlington Ward, Rutland Branch, Middlebury Branch, South Royalton, St. Albans.
Is he the senior companion? Nope we are zone leaders so no real senior junior thing. I am Zone Leader 1 just cuz ive been out a little longer.
Please tell us about the town? It is awesome because its in Vermont.
Tell us about your new area It is awesome because I am in Vermont
Where do you shop? Hannaford.
Where do you do your laundry? A member does it for us.
How is the Teaching Pool? Nonexistent. We have 2.
How are things going? This area is awesome!! I will tell you more. Gotta go!