November 25, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,      Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hey sorry that I didnt tell you, but we had interviews yesterday with President Stoker. Those went really well. After the interviews we went and taught a less active lady.  Afterwards we went to Texas Roadhouse. I had never been before and it was great. Elder Parry had a gift card so I just covered the tip so that was nice. So today is Preparation day for me.

I never know what to write during emails so forgive me if they seem really spacey.

Have you received any of the snow that Buffalo, New York received?  

 We havent recieved any snow really. We had a few flakes coming down last week but that is all. It has been really warm lately. Yesterday it got into the 70s. I just want it to snow so bad. I heard Buffalo got a ridiculous amount of snow in one storm. I wish we would get hit by a storm like that. We need some excitement. 

 I am really excited to go home but at the same time I am really going to miss the people here in New England. It was great to spend the last 2 years here. Right now we are teaching very little, so we spend a lot of time going around asking people if we can do service for them, raking leaves and other stuff like that. I cannot wait for it to snow. Winter is my favorite season and it has been driving me crazy that we havent seen any snow yet. 

Vermont is the best! #LandOfJoseph I thought it was very odd that we dont have Lamoille in our Zone. It was a miracle enough to get back to Vermont, and I am glad to be back even though the best area isnt in our Zone. I get to serve around Elder T. Smith again as well! He is in Middlebury right now. We had Zone Meeting yesterday and I got to sit down and talk with him about old times. It was a lot of fun. He has really grown since I served with him. 

Essex is one of my favorite areas so far. The ward leaders are excellent.  We have a coordination with our Bishop every week and they are actually using the oval chart. That really surprised me.

We will probablly not be getting ipads before I go home. 
I got the Christmas package and the tree is on the wall.
If people want to get me Christmas presents, I can always use some money for college when I get back, but if they want to send something to me out here, we have a lot of restaurants in our area so a gift card would be nice. We have Texas Roadhouse and Chilis. Outback Steakhouse. I really liked the Texas Roadhouse *hint *hint haha. Last Christmas I got a bunch of Junk food from both the members and people back home, and I got fat haha. So I am not a big fan of getting candy in a package. Homemade goodies are always nice but once again we get a lot of those from members during this season. Thanks to everyone for all you do to support me out here. Oh also I want to go to the mall and get some Vermont t shirts and whatnot. So money for that would be cool too. I will try to remember what I bought with whose money and send them a picture of what I got. Or you may get Vermont stuff in the mail. Well have a good week!
Elder Jensen