June 2, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,           Monday, June 02, 2014 at 12:24 p.m. (EDT)

This week has been really excellent. We have really been working hard here in Yarmouth Maine. This week was very busy.

On Monday one of the priests, who is 17 came on a Mini Mission with us. He was able to work with us for 24 hours. He came over Monday night and he did missionary work with us until 6:30 that evening. It was great. He really enjoyed it. It rained all day Monday and we went tracting. We were soaked by the end of it.

On Wednesday we had District Meeting. Wednesday evening the Sister missionaries picked us up to go to a meeting that we went to on Thursday. Its a 2-3 hour drive to Manchester. Elder Thomas went on exchange in Portland and the Zone Leaders came with me and the sisters. In Manchester me and the Zone Leaders stayed at the Manchester Elder's apartment. The Sisters stayed at the Bedford Sister's apartment.

On Thursday we had a Missionary Leadership Training meeting. So all of the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders were there. There was about 70 missionaries at the meeting. We had a couple of guys come from the Church Missionary Department and they did a training. I especially enjoyed the MLT on Thursday. I really learned a lot. Some impressions that I received during the meeting were that I personally need to work on spending less time in people's homes. Often I get comfortable and figure that we can stay an hour for the lesson. Sometimes this ends up being an hour and a half. A big thing I learned from the meeting is that we need to be really respectful of others time and that we need to make our lessons more brief.  I also liked how we were instructed to use the pamphlets and to teach very simply. We have already started using it and lessons are going good. It was helpful to think of the investigators as being children in their gospel knowledge. I have found that it has been helpful to inform the investigators or less actives that we only have 20 minutes and that we need to be somewhere. The work here is great.

The Branch members are awesome here. We have a lesson scheduled this week. This investigator has come to church 3 weeks now. The family is interested in being baptized. The husband isnt really interested. We made sure that her husband will be home so that he can join in the lesson if he would like. The daughter bore her testimony on Sunday about her Book of Mormon reading club that she created with her member friend. She already considers herself a member. She was asked to a dance and she told the boy, I dont date until I am 16 and even when I turn 16 I only go on group dates. He asked why and she said, "Because Im a Mormon!" It is great and we are looking forward to teaching them this week.

Grandma Jensen asked about the 7th Day Adventist Preacher. His wife cleans a members house in the Branch. The members asked them if they want to come over and have a discussion with us. They are excited for it. It is great that they want to learn more about our church.

Also it was sad to hear about Tyler's little girl. They are in my thoughts and prayers.
Elder CWJensen