May 19, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                                                       May 19, 2014 at 11:26 a.m. (EDT)

This past week was really good. It really flew by. We tracted a lot this past week. We just chose some streets and began knocking on doors. Not my favorite way to do missionary work but it was good to feel like we were trying to accomplish something. Hopefully the members will see our hard work and introduce their friends to us. There have been quite a few members of the branch that have been doing really good at sharing the gospel.

I got a letter from Grandma Jensen this week and a small package from Carson and Karli. They got me a few things from Moab. I am wearing the shirt right now doing emails.

On Saturday we were invited to attend the 7th Day Adventist Church. That was pretty cool to go there. We have an investigator that attends there. He is actually the minister. So he gave the sermon on Saturday. That was pretty cool.

We also had a branch activity at the church on Friday. It was a talent show and auction for the youth. It had a Western theme so everyone attempted to dress like they were cowboys. It was great to see some of the boots they were wearing. A few had actual riding boots, but there were quite a few that had the fake cowboy boots from JCPenny. As well as a few wore snowboots. It was funny. It was a great talent show. They played country music all through the dinner, which was great because I havent heard any country music for a while. As missionaries we dont listen to the radio, because for some missionaries it would be a distraction. I wish they would let us listen to country music though. So that was good.

I am really enjoying it here in Yarmouth. The work has been tough lately and we really havent found anyone to teach, but hopefully we will be soon. The whole district is really struggling with it. I dont know if I have told you how my schedule goes as a district leader. I do call in reports on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. On Wednesday night we will get into the apartment at 9:00. We plan for the next day for 30 minutes and  then I call the Topsham Elders at 9:30 and get their report. They tell me how they did with the goal they set the last week. Usually it is to find new investigators. They will tell me how many new investigators they wanted to find and if they accomplished it. They then tell me their plans and actions, such as street contacting, finding through the members, etc. They tell me if they were able to do all their plans. I then ask them if they have any problems I can help them with and any questions that they may have. The call usually lasts about 5 minutes. After them I call the Topsham Sisters and get their report. On Thursday I call the Yarmouth Sisters at 9:45. I get their report and then the Zone Leaders in Saco Maine call me and ask me which area did best with following their plans and actions, and they answer any questions I have. Their call usually lasts 10-15 minutes. (Even though it could last about 5.) On Sunday night I call all the areas again for an end of the week report. I call the Topsham Elders at 9:30, the Topsham Sisters at 9:45, and the Yarmouth Sisters at 10:00.

In Sunday night reports I ask them if they saw any miracles the past week. After they share a miracle with me I ask them what a challenge was that they had and what a success they had during the past week. They then tell me how they are doing with following the plans and actions that they set to accomplish their goal in district meeting. So I get done with those calls at about 10:15 PM. Monday morning the Zone Leaders call me at 9:15 and I tell relay that information to them.  So that keeps me pretty busy along with training Elder Thomas and teaching people. Also we go on exchanges 3 times every six weeks. We go on two exchanges with the Topsham Elders. This transfer I will be going to Topsham. So I will spend a day with Elder Dean and then a week later I will spend a day with Elder Gardner. Then we go on one exchange with the Zone Leaders. This transfer I will probably end up being with Elder Harper in Yarmouth.
So I hope all of that made a little sense. I just figured I would tell you some of the things Ido as a district leader.

Elder CWJensen