May 12, 2014

Dear Family,                            Monday, May 12, 2014 at 12:56 p.m. (EDT)

Yesterday was so great to be able to skype with everybody. It sure did make my day.

Missionary work has been the usual. We saw a pretty cool miracle this past week. The church has a new video called Because of Him. 

Well a couple of weeks ago we taught a lesson at someones house for family home evening. The lesson went great and we shared the video with them. We then commited them to share it on facebook. Well a couple of days later we got a media referral text on our phone. Whenever somebody requests missionaries on a church website it gets processed through the system and they send us a text. Well the processing hasnt been going very well lately so we usually only receive half of the information that we need. So we got the person's name and number and address but it didnt show what she had requested. Well we tried to contact her but it was spring break so they were gone.

This week I was on exchange with Elder Gardner. He is from Palisade, CO near Grand Jct. We knocked on her door and she was home. She was super excited to see us. We asked if there was something that she requested off of and she said that she wanted a Book of Mormon. So we gave that to her. It was really neat to see how that happened. 

This morning I decided to clean our basement. We have a huge closet and crawlspace under the stairs. Previous missionaries have just thrown trash, old mattresses, a/c units, christmas decorations, you name it into that closet. So I went at it. After a couple of hours I got it mostly cleaned up. It was pretty great. I just wish missionaries would throw away useless things that they instead keep in a closet. Just throw it away! The weather has been pretty nice lately. Blue skies and in the mid 70s. Its great. Elder Thomas is dying of the heat. He is used to England temperatures. He keeps leaving the screen door open in the middle of the day to "cool down the apartment" but of course when it is about 75 outside all it does is warm up the apartment. We will see how he enjoys the summer!

Our teaching pool is still suffering. We really need to find someone new to teach. Its just kind of stagnant right now. Thank you all for your letters!

Elder CWJensen