May 5, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                   Monday, May 05, 2014 at 5:47 p.m. (EDT)

Alright, so long story short, we were unable to email before District Preparation Day, so we are emailing afterward and I have a whole total of 15 minutes!

We had a fun District Preparation day today. We hiked in Bradbury state park in Pownal and we played volleyball and had a BBQ.

So this week has been very busy.

On Monday we exchanged with the Zone Leaders. I went with my trainer Elder M. Smith who is a Zone Leader in Saco Maine. We had a pretty great exchange. When we were companions we didn't get along too great. We both thought we were better than each other. During the exchange we were able to apologize and joke about past experiences with each other. So that was good. We didn't do much on the exchange. Knocked on many doors of former investigators. We met a guy who called himself the "tin wizard." He makes a lot of stuff out of tin foil. He showed us a scorpion that he made. It was pretty sweet.

On Wednesday we had district meeting. It was pretty fun. The Zone Leaders were there so I had them act out bad street contacts and door approaches and good street contacts and door approaches. It was really funny. In one of them Elder Smith literally put his foot in the door when the "non-member" aka Elder Dean told the missionaries he wasn't interested. He then proceeded to try to shove his arm and head in the doorway. Elder Dean smashed him in the door yelling "Go Away!" It was really funny.

This week we have really been working on finding new investigators and it has gone alright. We have definitely been working really hard. I am finding a lot of people that I get along with. Our upstairs neighbor is also a motorhead so we like talking about cars and engines with each other. We may watch a church video with him tonight. We also tracted into this family that races stock cars. We talked to them for about an hour about their racing. They have 5 stock cars but none of them have engines in them right now. So the son who is about 50 raced another persons car this weekend. His father started the racing. He has a bunch of old cars. He is about 85. The son was all covered in dirt and grease. When we went to shake his hand he said that he didn't want to get us dirty. I shook his hand and told him that he would be surprised at how I look back home. 

I remember a few times working at Maxxed Out 4x4 when I had grease on my hands and face as well as dirt in my hair and on my face. I don't understand why people don't wash the undersides of their cars when they take them into shops :)  He told us that he owns a junkyard. He said that it is quite a trade off. He told us "I look like this all the time, but I always have some of this in my pockets." He then pulled out a huge wad of cash. Probably several hundred if not thousand dollars. He was quite the gorilla of a man so he wasn't afraid to show us that he had so much money.

On Sunday we went on a walk with Brother Hovey. He took us to the "Autobon" in Falmouth. That was really cool. Well I gotta go. Time is up!

Elder CWJensen