March 3, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,  Monday, March 3, 2014 at 12:27 pm (EST)

My Companion is:  Elder Hansen
My Companion is from: Millville Utah

Ward name is:  Yarmouth Branch

How close are you to the ocean and what is it like to live by an ocean?  We are about a mile. Maybe less than a mile. It is really about the same. Except there are a lot of seagulls and we get more seafood.

I am in Yarmouth Maine. It is pronounced Yarmith. With any towns in the east if it has a -mouth at the end of the word the mouth is pronouced mith. Portsmouth NH is pronounced Portsmith and so on.

Your apartment
It is bigger than my last apartment. It is in an apartment complex where the apartments all look the same, so it was really hard to find my way around the complex at first. We are right next to the freeway. It is really loud at night. It is nice though when we want to get to Freeport really quick we can just hop on the freeway.

Yarmouth is placed in a bay area, so you cant see open ocean. Because of all the trees you cant see the ocean unless you are right next to it. Because of all the islands that protect the bay, the ocean is very calm. There are no waves really. It looks like a lake with saltwater and a tide. People waterski on it a lot in the summer.

I remember before you left I showed you the picture of our Colorado Gazetteer and how a company by the name of DeLorme made the map books and that they had a picture of the world's largest rotating globe in the back of the gazetteer.  Do you remember seeing that in the Colorado Gazetteer?  
The giant globe is literally right across the street from us. We drove by it the other night. We are going to go check it out today. It is the largest rotating globe.

Your district and what other cities are in your district. We have 8 missionaries in our district. A big change from 4 in my last district. Yarmouth branch has a set of sisters along with us. Sister Davis and Sister Buxton. We have one other ward in our district boundaries, Topsham ward. They have a set of sisters and a set of Elders. Sister Escobar and Sister Shipley. Elder Dean and Elder Dahlberg. Elder Dean came out with me.

Your zone and the areas in your zone: Our Zone is the Augusta South Zone. I do not know for sure all the areas in the Zone, but the Zone Leaders live in Saco.

What areas you cover in your branch: 
Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Freeport, Pownal, and Durham. Cousins Island is in the township of Yarmouth. Chebeague Island is also in our area. I have been to Cousins Island because theres a bridge there but you have to take a ferry to Chebeague. We could go there as well.  

Your companion
He is a really smart guy. He knows the scriptures really well. (even better than me Im sorry to say) 

I dont know if I told you, but we are right next to the freeway, which is really weird because I am used to the freeway being an hour away. It is really loud at night. It is a constant background noise as we are working.

The McDonalds in Freeport is crazy! I will have to send a picture sometime.  Freeport has a lot of outlet stores and is where L.L. Bean got started. The locals didnt want a McDonalds and the only way they let it in was by McDonalds using an old New England home for the restaurant. It is really cool. We ate inside it the other day.

Cool Story from Sacrament meeting. On Friday the 28th we were walking around Yarmouth. We had enough miles to drive, (about 200 left for the month) but we decided to walk. Well a member got up in testimony meeting and said that one of his nonmember friends called him the other day and said "I saw your boys walking around Yarmouth, am I supposed to give them a ride? Do they not have a car?" The member told him. "They have a car, but they must be out of miles because its the end of the month." They then had a conversation about how it was good that they teach us how to budget by limiting our miles. Miracles come from walking and not driving all the time.