February 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends              Monday, February 24, 2014 at 1:15 p.m. (EST)

Well I am getting transferred tomorrow. I dont know where I am going next but I know that I will stay District Leader. We are headed down tomorrow morning. We leave Berlin at 6:00. I will really miss this area. It is hard to believe that I have been here for 6 months. I have had a lot of fun here and I am going to miss the place. This last week was a good last week though.

On Monday we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial for a Zone Conference. That was really good. I got to talk to some missionaries that are serving in Lamoille Valley right now. They said things are going good. Adam and Faith are still not baptized and it sounds like they are probably done investigating the church. Because we had Zone Conference on Monday, we had Preparation day on Tuesday. That made the week go by really quickly. The best part of the week was Saturday when S and E got baptized. That was so wonderful. Elder Simmonds baptized S and I baptized E. They both felt really good after getting baptized and their mother, CJ is really looking forward to her baptism. They were supposed to get confirmed in Church on Sunday, but Lu thought church started at 11:00 not 10:00 so we have to move it to next week. Everyone was really sad to see me go on Sunday. It is so wonderful to serve in the small branches up here because if the missionaries work hard the members notice it, and here everyone was so glad that I worked so hard. Almost everyone said goodbye to me. It is amazing how fast a mission goes. In the moment it seems like it takes forever but looking back it has really cruised. I hope I do well in my next area. I will try to remember to buy something on my home debit card so that you know where I am. I really enjoy getting mail from people. The only letter I got this week was from Grandma Jensen. But I really enjoyed that! 

I sent a package today and noticed how expensive it is ($17 for a large box) I wanted to thank everyone for the packages that they have sent in the past. I really enjoy when I get things in the mail. Although I do enjoy getting food, we do get fed quite a bit as missionaries. (I have gained 20 lbs on my mission!) I would much rather get letters and pictures from people than large packages of junk food from the store. (This would help me keep off weight and save money) I do enjoy getting packages of homemade treats and if you would like to send those I really enjoy them, but the things I most enjoy are letters from people and pictures from home.

I love you all and I keep you in my prayers.
Elder CWJensen