March 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends             Monday, March 10, 2014 at 10:44 a.m. (EDT)

Well this week has been really good. I am really enjoying my new area. I really miss my last area though. This one is too populated. I dont know what to do! But I am having fun. This past week we knocked on a lot of doors. Mostly we were trying to contact former investigators or potential investigators but yesterday we tracted a whole street. It was really good to go out and really do some hard work. Sometimes it is really discouraging though when you tract a whole street and no one is really interested. Yesterday we had a good conversation with a fella though. He is in his 80s. As we were walking to his door I saw that he had a sticker on his truck that said RMEF (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) Well not too many people in New England know what an Elk is let alone are members of the RMEF. So I knocked the door. We talked to him for about an hour about elk hunting. He hunts mostly in Montana and has gotten 15 elk in all his years. He said he wanted to retire out west but that its too late for that. He is a born again Christian so he wasnt that interested but he was very kind to us and told us that it took some real guts to do what we are doing. I really appreciated that. He asked us if we walked to his house. We told him we had. He asked us where we lived and we said the Juniper Apartments. (About 2 Miles away) He was surprised we had walked so far and wished us a good day. Well we didnt make it halfway down his road before he had pulled up next to us and offered us a ride. He told us his wife asked him "Your gonna let those boys walk all the way back there without offering them a ride?" We had a great conversation with him on the way back.
Something that I was really excited for was that we now have another hour of sunlight in the evenings with daylight savings. This makes missionary much easier because we have a shorter dark hour. (I think the sun setat 7:00 last night it was great!) I dont miss the days where the sun set at 3:30. 6 hours of working in the dark is no fun. But we got through it. Next time it gets darker in the evenings I will be close to coming home... crazy!

Well today we are going to check out the L.L. Bean stores. I only have 8 minutes left on the computer. We are at the Freeport Library so it may kick over and allow me another hour or it may kick me off so I will send this short email first!

Elder CWJensen

Well I have a little more time so I will tell a couple of stories. We have a giant outlet mall in our area and we street contact a lot there. We were there on Saturday and there was a real bible thumper there. He was singing bible scriptures and calling repentance to all of the shoppers. He did this for 2 hours. He was reciting scriptures such as. "The Love of Money is the root of all evil" and he was telling people that they were evil for shopping. We talked to him for a little bit and he told us that people shouldnt watch tv or use computers because they come from the devil. We offered him a Book of Mormon but he didnt take it. I sure do respect him for the courage he has to do that though. One thing that did bother me though is when he was talking to us he wouldnt look us in the eye. He would just stare at the ground or look at people behind us. That reminded me of the importance of looking people in the eye when we talk to them. Especially because then they can see the light of Christ that members carry in them.