February 18, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,                    Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 2:01 p.m. (EST)

This email is going to be a little shorter. I wasnt able to email yesterday because we were at the Joseph Smith Memorial for a Zone Conference. That was so much fun! Today we are going to go snowshoeing. We borrowed some snowshoes from a member. We are going to try to go to a place called Icy Gulch. It is right across the road from the church. This past week was very good. It snowed a lot. We shoveled snow for a lot of people. There was at least 18 inches. 

As we were driving one day we saw an older lady shoveling a driveway. We offered to shovel for her. She told us she was about done but we did it anyway. She is 81 years old. The house she was shoveling is her sisters. She had shoveled most of the driveway the day before. She was out there for 6 hours shoveling it. We couldnt believe it. None of her neighbors helped her. Most of her neighbors have snowblowers too. She told us that she thought a few times if anyone would help her if she fell in the snow. She told us they probably wouldnt. They would just leave her to die in the snowbank. She also told us that she had a grandson that was trying to put her in the nursing home. Although she is 81 she looks very good for her age. She stays really active and doesnt need to be put in a nursing home. She is scared to death that he will. She told us that he gave her a ride to town once to get some prescriptions filled. He charged her for the gas to get to town. I cant believe the way some people treat the elderly. After we finished helping her there we shoveled her driveway because she hadnt gotten to it yet.

While it was snowing our neighbor walked by. She told us "Of course this has to happen when we are least prepared." (Talking of the snowstorm.) I almost felt like asking her, "Why werent you prepared?" "Everyone knew the storm was coming." "How would you have prepared if you had?" Many people have this mentality in life. They never prepare themselves for the things in the future. I always strive to hold true to the Boy Scout Motto "Be Prepared." I wonder how it will be when the Savior comes again. How many people will say "Of course He has to come when we are least prepared." We have the signs to tell us when Christ will come again. We see many of these signs fulfilled, yet people do not prepare. In fact I see people becoming more and more wicked. I do not want to be one of those people that tells Christ when He comes, "If only you would have given me more time to prepare. If I couldve had more time I would have stopped the way I was living.

I am loving it as a missionary. I have really tough times but I am able to become stronger.

Elder CWJensen