December 23, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,           Monday, December 23, 2013 at
3:59 PM

This past week has been pretty good.

On Monday we had our Preparation Day as a District, we played basketball with some members and nonmembers at the church. It was a lot of fun. I went on an exchange to Colebrook that night with Elder Roberts.

On Tuesday I was in Colebrook and we had a pretty good exchange. We just did regular stuff up there.

On Wednesday we exchanged back. We met in Groveton and then me and Elder Simmonds went to Lancaster for the day. It was a pretty good day in Lancaster. Usually we dont get much done, but we actually did this time.
We stopped by an active family, but for some reason missionaries stopped by there very frequently in the past. Now they expect missionaries to come by every week. We hadnt stopped by in several weeks because we have been busy doing other things and they got mad at us and told us to stop by.

We also went down to Whitefield and contacted a referral there. It was a man about 24 years old and he has gone hiking on just about every trail in the United States. He hiked the continental divide and the Appalachian trail. While he was hiking the continental divide he ran into a youth group from the church doing a pioneer trek reenactment with handcarts. A lot of these groups of youth do this and go out into the Wyoming desert for a few days pulling handcarts. He joined the group and learned a little about the church. One of the guys that he met referred us to stop by him. He wasnt interested in learning more but we had a good conversation with him.

We also met another less active family. They seem really cool. We will probably be teaching them lessons here soon. The dad said that he wants his family to be sealed in the temple.

On Thursday we taught Lu, CJ, Seth, and Ethan about Tithing. The lesson went really well and they all committed to pay tithing when they are baptized.

On Friday we had Zone Interviews with our Mission President in Plymouth NH. Then we went to Lancaster. We met with the less active family again
On Saturday it rained all day. We taught Diane and her friend Paul. We visited with Danny. We taught Lu, CJ, Seth, and Ethan about keeping the Sabbath day holy.

On Sunday we had more rain... freezing rain. Church was shortened to only Sacrament meeting and that was only 45 minutes long.

Well thats about it. We gotta go to Jefferson to have some dinner and a family home evening lesson with a family. 

See you on Wednesday!  (with Skype)

Elder CWJensen