December 16, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,           Monday, December 16, 2013
last week was an interesting week. 

Monday night we drove down to Wolfeboro New Hampshire and slept at the apartment there. We got to their apartment at about 10:00 that night.
In the morning Elder Simmonds stayed there and I went with another missionary, Elder Holley and went to a meeting in Manchester. The meeting was pretty good and we both enjoyed it. It was all of the leadership in the mission. All of the District Leaders and Zone Leaders. We talked about how we could get our districts and zones motivated. After the meeting we drove a new car back for the Elders in Colebrook. They wrecked their car so we delivered them a new one, a 2013 Ford Fusion. We left our car in Laconia for the night. We got back to Berlin at about10:00

On Wednesday we had our District Meeting. That went pretty well. After the meeting we and the Colebrook Elders drove the new car to Laconia to pick up our car. The drive down there is about 2 hours so we spent 4 hours driving that day. We had dinner and a lesson with a part member family.  It was pretty good. He is a chef and makes really good food. We were late leaving there so we didnt get home until about 10:00.

On Thursday an older couple took us out to lunch at a Chinese buffet. That was good. We contacted a few people and then drove down to Twin Mountain New Hampshire to have dinner. A couple of weeks ago we split wood over there to help a lady out named Melissa. She was really thankful of that and wanted to have us teach her. So we met at Jack's house. Jack fed us all dinner and then we had a really good lesson. We talked about the Restoration very indepthly and she said that if she finds out the Book of Mormon is true that she would be baptized. We were late to leave there as well and didnt get home until 10:00. So that was 4 days in a row that we got in really late. Those days are no fun because then we dont have time to do anything else, even clean the apartment. We pretty much just go to bed because we have to be to bed by 10:30. 

On Friday we had our weekly planning. That took forever. After that we taught Jules and then we taught Lu, CJ, Ethan, and Seth. It was a really good lesson. They have really been progressing over there. After that we had the Christmas Party at the church. That was a whole lot of fun. One of the Senior Missionaries, Elder Richards dressed up as Santa Claus.

Saturday we went to our Branch Mission Leaders house and had lunch there. She made Cafe Rio. It was really good.  After lunch we went to Debra's and taught her about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. It was a very good lesson and she is excited for baptism. Her date is Feb 22 but if she keeps on progressing like this it will be sooner. After that we went straight over and had a lesson with a less active sister for quite a while. She doesnt agree with Temples. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and she seemed to enjoy that a lot. Then we had a lesson with Nakita. That was also a good lesson. Nakita is doing really well and she wants to get baptised but we will have to move her date. After that we had another lesson with Lu, CJ, Ethan, and Seth. It went really well. We talked about temples and everyone said that they would go to the temple someday. Even CJ said she would and she doesnt have a date set for her baptism.

Sunday was an interesting day. It snowed Saturday night and all Sunday morning. It was about a foot, but the roads were plowed. I was planning on going to church, but then our Branch President called and said that we shouldnt (I guess he was afraid I couldnt drive in the snow) So we didnt go to church. Instead we helped all of our neighbors shovel and that was really good. We met some of our neighbor's that we didnt know. One of them even wants to take us bowling. After shoveling everyone out we had a lesson at Lu's again. We taught the Law of Chastity and that went very well. I bet CJ will have a date for baptism here soon. She has a baby that is due in March and she wants to wait until she has the baby to be baptised. After that we went up to Ben's he is a less active. He and his girlfriend were watching a show on tv about the Polygamous Mormons, so they had a lot of questions for us. We reassured them that we no longer practice polygamy, but that there are some off branches of the church that do.

Today we had District Preparation day with the colebrook Elders. We went and saw the Ski Jump. I was going to print off some pictures of it but the machines were broken at Walmart. I drove down to the church afterwards and everyone was telling me that I could drive faster in the snow. My rule is with winter driving is that its better safe than sorry, especially with someone elses vehicle.

Well thanks everyone for the Christmas mail. I have been doing a 12 day count down from the Jensen family and I got a package from Penny and Tim Wadham, and also I got a letter from Neil and Chris Brown.

Elder CWJensen