December 30, 2013

Dear Family,                    Monday, December 30, 2013 at 11:52 (EST)

This past week was pretty fantastic.

On Monday we taught a Family Home Evening lesson. That went very well. We taught them a Christmas message. I drew a Nativity Scene and then put together the different parts. I was gonna take a picture of it but I lost it.

Tuesday we had our district meeting. We then worked in Gorham for a little while. We drove all the way to the Maine border. That was pretty fun. Then we went to Randolph and went to a small community church there where they do a nice Christmas Eve program and sing carols. A few of the members go there for a tradition. After that we went to a family for dinner.   After that we pretty much just walked around on the streets in Berlin.

Wednesday we got up and opened presents and then it was pretty much a regular day. We went to Lancaster and visited a few people. We taught them all the Christmas lesson. One family gave us a huge bagful of food and treats.  Another family fed us a late lunch that was huge. I stuffed myself. I forgot that we had another dinner until we got to the next house. She fed us a huge dinner as well. She just loaded our plates. I could not believe that we ate it all. When I left on my mission I weighed 180 lbs. I weighed in Christmas night at 195 lbs. But now I am back down to 190. I just need to figure out how to work off 10 lbs before I get home. :) After that dinner we went to another family's house to Skype home. That was a lot of fun. Way better than just the phone call. I loved being able to see everyone.

Thursday we did some service on the Dairy Farm in Milan. Everyone heats with oil (diesel, or kerosene) up here. Oil is really expensive right now and everyones heat bills are going through the roof. At the farm they are putting a wood boiler in and they are connecting the hot water system with their oil boiler to reduce their cost. So we helped them put in some copper piping from the wood boiler to the oil boiler. After that we taught a lesson at Lu's house. It was pretty good . We talked about how our faith is like a tree and we have to water it with  a few things, in specific for this lesson, prayer. So we talked about prayer.

Friday we had our weekly planning and then we taught a lady. We had an excellent lesson there about Christmas. After that we read the Children's Book of Mormon. We stopped by the a families house as well and read the Children's Book of Mormon with their child.

Saturday we went by an older couple. They really like company. We dont really teach anything over there. We just stop by and talk with them. It is a lot of fun. Thats something I miss doing back home is visiting all of the older folks. I really enjoy doing that. After that we taught a lady and her friend. It was a pretty good lesson. He claims that he is a strict Catholic and he likes to argue with us whenever we try to teach something. So instead we let his friend lead the discussion and we read a lot of inspirational Bible verses with them. After that we watched a movie at a lady's house. We watched Mountain of the Lord, which talks about how the Salt Lake Temple was built. I really like that movie. I used to watch it at home all the time too. After that we went to a less active member and is living with his girlfriend. She is a little interested in learning but we havent started teaching her yet.

Sunday we went to church. We taught the 3rd hour combined lesson. We taught about missionary work. It went really well. We showed a few videos from the Hastening the Work of Salvation website.

Click this link for a video on Hastening The Work  

After that we gave the sacrament to a lady in the Branch that is going through Cancer and isn't strong enough to come to church. After that we taught another lesson.  She brought a friend to church that joined us in on the lesson. She is in 4th grade and her friend is in 5th grade. We have to get permission from her parents if she wants to learn more about the church. After that we went to teach another lesson to at a lady's house again and taught about families. It was a very good week.

Elder CW Jensen