May 6, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                                            Monday, May 6, 2013  11;22 (EDT)

Well I am staying here in Lamoille Valley with Elder Smith. Our District stayed the same as well. The St Albans Elders are Elder Keller and Elder Caserio. This will be a fun transfer tomorrow because we dont have any missionaries that we will have to get to know. Our District is just us and St Albans. Basically Northwest Vermont. Our Zone is the Montpelier Zone. It basically follows lake Champlain. From Canada all the way down to Rutland, VT. The city of Montpelier isnt actually in our Zone anymore, even though we are still named the Montpelier Zone. This week was really good.

On Monday we taught a couple of lessons in the evening.

On Tuesday we met with a new person. Jaime. That was interesting. Brother Sparks, a member of the ward came with us. Jamie wanted to talk about some of the more controversial issues and really wanted to debate with us. Well Brother Sparks got sucked right into it. Instead of allowing us to use scriptures and help her feel the spirit he started using logic to prove a point. Well we wanted to save the lesson so we were a little harsh with him trying to get back to what we were trying to teach about. Well I guess he took it really personally. I felt bad because I appreciated his help in teaching the lesson, but we had to stop him because he was really arguing with Jaime. Well on Sunday I tried to apologize to him but the minute I walked towards him he turned his back on me and started talking to someone else. It is so hard trying to please everyone. Tuesday got a little better though. After Jaime's lesson we went to Jamie's (yes we are teaching two Jamies) house. When we got there we found out that Jamie's mother didnt want her or her father Bill to continue with our lessons. Well Jamie and Bill told her that we were really helping her out and told us to keep stopping by. Jamie's son, Stevie joined the lesson along with his friend Mitchell. It was a really good lesson. At the end we invited the family to be baptized on August 3, 2013 They all accepted, Jamie, Bill, Stevie, Mitchell, Tori, and Marissa. It was really awesome. They are super excited. After that we went to Institute class. Elder and Sister Poll were teaching it. They are the ones from Morgan, UT that know Brother Jasperson. I still need to ask for their first names. Elder Poll and I got to talking and he found out that I like motorsports. He said that when I get back he could hook me up with a job at a Polaris dealership. That would be pretty cool.

On Wednesday we went to District Meeting in St Albans and then went and worked in Bakersfield. We met a lot of really cool people. Several of them want us to come back and teach them more.

On Thursday we went to Wolcott and then drove all the way to Hardwick. On the way down there we taught Denise, who lives in Johnson, and Carlee who lives in Morrisville. We invited Carlee to be baptized on June 8, 2013. She accepted and is looking forward to it.

Friday was pretty good. We got Brother Worthington to come teach with us. He came home early from his mission. He served in Provo, UT. He said they got to go bowling for free at BYU.

On Saturday we helped the Fitzgerald's paint their rental house. After that we taught the Beavers. They seem to be doing better. They are reading the scriptures and praying as a family.

On Sunday we went to church and then we drove to Hardwick to talk to some people that some members referred us to see. Then we had dinner at Dougs house. He made us some steak. It was a little on the raw side but it was good. Doug lives just like people did in the 1800s. He has a wood burning stove, and he doesnt use much electricity. When it got dark he didnt turn on any lights in the house. We just ate in the dark. He showed us his son's one room cabin that he built a couple of years ago. It was pretty cool.

It was a really good week. Today we are going up to Montgomery to hang out with the Worthington family.

Elder CWJensen