April 29, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                                            Monday, April 29, 2013  3:10 (EDT)

Well this week was pretty good. On Monday we went and taught a man named Jeromy. He is a less active member. Hes been through a lot of tough times. We invited him to pray for help at the end of the lesson.

On Tuesday we had a lot of people to see. We had a lesson at Jamie's house. We brought a member from the ward, Brother Bussell. He is a really funny old man. Its always fun to bring him teaching with us. After Jamie's we went to Sister Warner's for "Sugar on Snow" You heat up some maple syrup until it is almost candy. Then you poor it over a bowl of snow. You pull it off with a fork and eat it. I think you can do the same thing with molasses. We had a really good time talking with her husband. I couldnt figure out if he was a member or not, but I soon found out. At the end of dinner I asked if we could leave them with a prayer. Her husband said, "No, you cannot, I wouldn't want to ruin the night, everyone can practice their own religion and keep it to themselves, so no we cannot have a prayer." I was really surprised because I thought he was being sarcastic at first. I soon found out he wasnt when he didnt call back what he said. I guess he had a really bad experience with church when he was a child.

On Wednesday we had District Meeting. Elder Rogers our Zone Leader came with one of the Assistants. Elder Rogers just hit 18 months out on his mission, so he tore off his shirt. I guess its a tradition or something. It was pretty funny. After that we went on exchange. Elder Caserio stayed here in Lamoille. We did alright. I hadnt planned for the day so well so we wasted a lot of time.

On Thursday we switched back. We taught Carlee with one of the Young Men, Sam. It was a really good lesson. We read Alma 34 with her and she really understood it and had a lot of good questions that we answered. It is really cool to see how much someone can change when they take a step of faith and start doing things that bring them closer to Christ. On Sunday she told everyone in Sunday School that for a long time she has had a long time forgiven a certain person. She couldnt ever for get what that person had done to her family. Well she said lately as she has relied on the gospel of Jesus Christ she has been able to forgive, forget, and move on with life. So that was cool.

On Friday we had a lesson with Jake. He is 12 years old and he is preparing for baptism. He is a really smart kid. After that we went to the Fitzgeralds and they fed us. Their son had a bunch of friends over and they had a bonfire out back next to their pond. It made me miss doing those types of things back home.

On Saturday morning we went back over to the Fitzgeralds and helped them move out their tenant. Their tenant cant afford rent anymore because he got in a drunk driving accident. He ran the car he was borrowing from Brother Fitzgerald into a tree. We felt a little bad because it felt like we were repo-men, especially when we found out that this man had no other place to go to and that a lot of the things we were moving out were going straight to the dump. We went over to Sister Larsens after that. She lives right on the shore of Lake Eden. We went over to the Cochrans for dinner. They live in Eden. They are the last house in the town of Eden going toward Lowell on Rt 100. They are a fun family. Brother Cochran has a collection of chainsaws on their front porch and a snowmobile on the top of their garage.
On Sunday we had a lesson with Tucker. It went pretty well. Today we went and hiked the Long Trail. It was alright. It followed the old railroad bed for quite a while. We climbed some hills around the quarry and that was pretty fun.

The St Albans missionaries told us that while they were teaching a less active member, another member that came with them told the less active that "The power is in you to become better" My goal is to realize that the power is in me to be a great missionary. A blessing that I noticed this week is the fact that I get to be the designated driver. Being a missionary is more stressful than I thought. Back home I would relieve stress by driving. Being the designated driver out her has helped me relieve some of that stress.

Jamie, Marissa, Tori, and Bill are doing great. They all came to church. They really enjoyed it. Carlee read Alma 34 and she loved it. We read it again during a lesson and clarified on some key points. Now that she is finally going to church, praying, AND reading she is really doing well. She is noticeably better. Even some members noticed that she is doing better. Jake is doing really well. For being 12 years old he knows a lot. He did not come to church yesterday. We dont know why.

A miracle that we witnessed this week was when we taught Bill on Sunday. He told us that  he felt something during priesthood, and he started feeling it again during our lesson. He started crying. He said "I dont know why Im crying. Ive never felt this way before" We explained that it was the Holy Ghost and that it was confirming what we were teaching.

I enjoy receiving every-bodies letters. Thank You.

Elder CWJensen