April 22, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                                Monday, April 22, 2013 3:28 (EDT)

This week went pretty well. I am learning more every day. Missionary work is always changing, sometimes you work really hard and nothing seems to work out, and sometimes you just go through your day, and fantastic things happen. This seemed to be one of those weeks. It doesn't seem like we worked very hard this week but the results were awesome.

Tucker is back and we had a great lesson with him. He still wants to be baptized. Jamie, Tori, and Jamie's dad Bill came to church. Bill loved it. We are now teaching Bill's wife as well. Carlee had a stressful day at church. She is still progressively getting better though. Jake came to church and the young men seemed to invite him in a little better. We had a great lesson with Denise. She is talking to her husband about the gospel. 

The miracle that I saw this week was that Bill's wife, Judy is now interested in reading the Book of Mormon, and joining our lessons. The first few times that we saw her she was telling her daughter not to listen to us or read the Book of Mormon, but as she has realized that we are trying to help the family out, she has slowly come and listened to our lessons. We finally got her to join in and to read the Book of Mormon. That was pretty cool.

We had an interesting member meal this last week. It was with Brother Godfrey, he is 85 years old. He baked us some cod, and some tater tots. The cod would have been good, but when he put on the seasoning he just kept dumping it on. So it was like a quarter inch of sand sitting on top of these fish. We wanted to be polite so we didnt scrape it off, oh man was that salty. I had a cup of water between each bite.

We went on a hike today on Long trail. It was pretty fun. We walked all the way to the river. There was a lot of deep forest areas with moss and boulders. I met a senior missionary couple named the Polls. They are from Morgan, UT. He used to work for Polaris, so he knows Brother Jasperson.

I found out that Elder Caserio is in a Mormon Message. It is about a kid in High School that chose to go to seminary instead of surfing practice in the morning. During the seminary class, Elder Caserio is sitting in the corner.  

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