April 15, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                                            April 15, 2013 at 3:07 p.m. (EDT)     

Well this last week was pretty good. On Monday we found a new person to teach. Her name is Marchia. She found a pass-along card when she was cleaning her son's room and she called the number to get a free Book of Mormon. So we as missionaries get to be the Book of Mormon delivery boys. We gave her the Book of Mormon and taught about its importance. She invited us back, so we are going to see her today.

On Tuesday we taught Denise. It went really well. Brother Cochran came with us. We taught her the first lesson which is "The Restoration of the Gospel." We taught her about Joseph Smith restoring the original Church of Jesus Christ. We invited her to pray about what we taught her.

On Wednesday we had exchanges, so Elder Keller, one of the missionaries in St. Albans, VT swapped places with Elder Smith. Because of the swap I got to be the senior companion for the day. It was a little overwhelming, but it was fun. We taught Carlee about prayer. She has been having a really tough time lately. She is a single mom, and she cant find a job. So she is always stressed out. The lesson went really well, and she took the invitation to pray every evening with her daughter. Since then we have really noticed that she is less stressed. After teaching Carlee we went to the church and met with the Ward Council. (A ward is a congregation) In Ward Council, members of the church get together to talk about the needs of ward members. We also discuss missionary efforts, and we make sure that new members are being freindshipped. It went really well and many of the members got excited about people that we are teaching.

Thursday morning me and Elder Keller drove to Essex Jct. VT for a missionary meeting. We met up with Elder Smith and we swapped back. Zone meeting was really good. Our mission president, President Wilkey taught some really great things. The focus of the meeting was prayer. We read Enos, a book in the Book of Mormon. It talks about a man named Enos that went out into the woods to hunt, and while he was there he began thinking about what his father had taught him about heaven, and what happens after this life. He decided to pray and to ask for forgiveness for the bad things he had done. He ended up praying all day. He also prayed for the Lamanites, the enemy nation of Enos' people. 

I really liked Enos 1:20, and I wrote a modern interpretation of it. "The Vermonters hatred was fixed and they were led by their evil nature. Vermont being the least religious state, (followed by New Hampshire and Maine) they rebelled against the prophets. They no longer believed in God and they were caught up in the ways of the world. Many were thirsty for revenge and full of hatred towards God and his people. Nevertheless the saints of Vermont did seek diligently to restore them to the true faith in God. Although their efforts seemed to be in vain, through the members faith, a change came to the people of Vermont and many were baptized with fire and the Holy Ghost. It was through their faith that so great a miracle came to Vermont." Modern Interpretation of Enos 1:20 and Ether 12:14-15. I have been sharing this with members to get them more excited about missionary work. 

After the meeting President Wilkey shook my hand and gave me a hug. He leaned over and said in my ear "It's coming." I'm not sure what "it" is but Elder Smith said that before he became a trainer President Wilkey would tell him the same sort of things. I hope he doesn't step me up to a trainer. I'm not ready for that. A couple of Sisters that I came out with are already trainers. 

On Friday we did some service at 2nd Chance, a place kind of like Salvation Army.

Saturday was by far the best day this week. We offered the Fitzgeralds, a less active family in our ward if they would like some help with anything. They took us up on it and invited us to come with them and build their logging road up in Wolcott. We agreed, so we met them at their house at 7:00 on Saturday. Sister Fitzgerald fed us breakfast and then we followed them up to their property. They are logging on their inlaws property. They are trying to get to some good trees about a mile away from the road. Because it is so muddy and the tractor is so heavy they lay tree branches on the path that they have made. This prevents deep ruts from forming where they drive. So that is what me and Elder Smith did. Brother Fitzgerald, and his son would cut down trees and drag them forward with the tractor, until they got to a spot that didnt have branches on it yet. They would cut off the branches and we would lay them on the road. Then they would drag the log to the pile up the road. It was pretty fun. We worked really hard and we got pretty dirty with all the mud. We helped them out until about 12:00. Then we went to the Cochran's house in Eden. They were boiling sap, so we helped them with that. Saturday was a good day.

On Sunday we had a lot of less active members come to church. Also 2 nonmembers that we are teaching came to church. Carlee and Denise.

It was a really good week. Thank you everyone for supporting me on my mission. So far it has been a great opportunity to grow. It has been such a big step for me to come out here. I am a person that likes getting dirty and working with my hands. Out here on my mission I have to wear a suit all day and teach people by using my mind, so it has been a challenge, but it is helping me grow in so many different ways.

Once again thank you,

Elder CWJensen