September 8, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,    Monday, September 8, 2014 at 10:36 a.m. (EDT)

Sorry if my emails get shorter and shorter and I seem a little spaced out, but I am just so tired lately! We work so hard every day and by time it gets Monday I am so tired and unable to concentrate on sending emails.

This week was good. We had a lot of great things happen. We are in such a great area for teaching a lot of people. We talk to a lot! I dont even know where to begin!

We had Zone Meeting this week. We taught about the importance of talking to everyone. It went well. 

We have an investigator named J. We were praying for J the other day and a few minutes later the phone rang and it was J.   He wanted to meet with us. So we met in the park in front of the church. On Sunday there was a fireside at the Bishops house. We invited J, and so did his 50 other Mormon friends. He came. It was about missionary work. A couple, both returned missionary talked to the youth about the decision to serva a missiona. J came. It was super good. He really wants us to teach him all the lessons. We just gotta find a time!

Well that about it that I can think of. Send me questions if you want next week!

Elder Jensen