February 3, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                   Monday, February 03, 2014 at 2:34 pm (EST)

Well heres my letter for this week

This week was pretty good. It was crazy to me that I hit my year mark. January 30, which was also K Jasperson, my close friend's birthday. He would have been 54 this past week.

I have really been enjoying my time here in Berlin New Hampshire. This area has been truly blessed for missionary work. Me and Elder Simmonds cant keep up with the work.

On Monday the Zone Leaders came and exchanged with us. Because the drive is so far from Laconia (about 2 hours) they recieved permission to stay the night at our apartment. That was a lot of fun. The Zone Leaders are Elder Wells and Elder Lund. Elder Wells is one of my favorite Elders. He is from Hanksville Utah. His family builds houseboats for people to put on Lake Powell. Him and I are planning on going on a packing trip on horses when we get back. I exchanged with him. It was a lot of fun. We have a lot of things in common so we can talk about a lot of things that I enjoy. We taught a few people too.

On Tuesday night he interviewed S and E for baptism. They both passed and I am so excited to see those two get baptized. They are really excited.

On Wednesday we had District Meeting. We were running short on miles at the end of January so we had to stay in Berlin and walk for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. By Friday we were running out of people to stop by. We usually work in Lancaster on Wednesday and Milan on Thursday. We did teach a lot of really good lessons on Friday. A is doing a lot better. She is becoming more and more interested every time we go over.

Saturday was a really fun day. We did service at the Snowmobile race in Lancaster. It was a great way to remember and honor Kreg's Birthday. I had never been to an oval track race before. Our jobs were to film and take pictures of the race. It was a great service opportunity. I took a lot of pictures of the race but I was really disappointed when I got home and realized that I didnt take one picture of me or Elder Simmonds at the race. Most of the Snowmobiles racing were vintage sleds. There were some pretty quick ones, but the fastest were the new sleds. Those boys were haulin around the track. It was really fun. After that service we had dinner at the A's and taught a lesson. They are really progressing well. 

Sunday was really good. We had 4 investigators at church. We were excited for that. After church we got to teach the Bs. (Pronounced "Bros") Now that I have been in Berlin for a couple of months I have gotten pro at saying the Lord's prayer. Everyone is Catholic here and always asks if we can say the Lord's prayer with them. The Bs asked us to say the prayer with them. After that we taught D.H. and his ex girlfriend S. She was at the house with D's kid so that D could visit him. He is a couple weeks old and his name is William. I told them thats a good name. (my middle names William for those that dont know) S commited to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and we will be there on Tuesday to teach her and D again. In the past S wasnt interested at all, so we were pretty excited about this. I have noticed that people become interested in church after they have a baby a lot of the time.

Well thats all I got this week!

Elder CWJensen