January 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,         Monday, January 27, 2014 at 11:20 (EST)

The Week was pretty good this week.

On Monday we went up to Colebrook for District Preparation day. On the way up we saw something really funny. I guess this lady driving a Subaru had her windshield fluid motor broke. She had a spray bottle of Windshield fluid and she was spraying it on her windshield. It was really funny. The things people will do when they dont know how to fix their cars. We went to Colebrook and went to a members house up there.  We played pool and Ping Pong in their garage. It was a lot of fun. After we were done there we exchanged. I went with Elder Roberts and Elder Simmonds stayed with Elder Daniels in Colebrook. On the way back from Colebrook me and Elder Roberts got a call on our phone. It was two sister missionaries from Kirtland Ohio. They asked if we were teaching a lady named Pam. We told them we werent. They told us that a lady named Pam was chatting with them on the chat feature on Mormon.org and wanted missionaries to stop by. We thought that was pretty cool but we had no clue who Pam was, until Tuesday.

Me and Elder Roberts taught a few people. We taught one of our new investigators, A. She has had drug problems in the past and she is a little messed up. Well we found out that she got on Mormon.org and was chatting with missionaries on there, Sister missionaries. I had a hunch so I asked her. "What did you say your name was?" A was like "Oh, I dont remember. I know I didnt tell them my name... Oh, I told them my name was Pam." So that was really funny.

We had District Meeting. Elder Lund one of the Zone Leaders and Elder Guthrie one of the Assistants came to District Meeting. It went pretty well. We taught a family and had dinner over there. Also one of our investigator's dad is in charge of the Snowmobile race in Lancaster. He invited us to go to the Snowmobile club meeting. So we did. It was pretty cool. On Saturday we are going to go to the race and help out with it. I am super excited for that.

We had the Dairy Farm Service in Milan. We helped put together pole barn for the heifers. It was very cold, but we had a lot of fun. We put up a few of the poles. We had to drill holes through them and bolt them into place. The guy we were working with asked for a Book of Mormon. After that we taught a few lessons. We went to L's house and read the Children's Book of Mormon with S. We also prepared them for their baptism. Their interview is tomorrow and they are scheduled for baptism on the 8th of Feb.

We did service once again today. We have been doing a lot of service lately. That is the best way to get to a New Englander, and to get their trust, is by working alongside them. We helped a less active lady and her father stack wood. It was pretty cold once again. After that we taught J and B and his girlfriend T. We found out that T's daughter M is interested in learning more about the church with her husband. So we are teaching them tomorrow.

We set up for the community meal. There is a community meal at the St Barnabus Church every month. We help set up for it. We put up tables and chairs. We did that for an hour and then taught D and her friend P. After that we went over the baptismal interview questions with E and S. After the lesson we all went to the community meal and sat next to each other.

We had church of course. Nothing huge happened. Just a regular Sunday. After church we went and visited with an elderly couple we see about every week. Today they wanted to talk about religion a little bit. They, like most people in Berlin, are strong Catholics. They told us about the Catholic faith and showed us their Bibles and Prayer Books. We gave them a Book of Mormon. They really liked that. After that we went to the St Annes Catholic Church and went to the Mass. We have wanted to go to the Mass for quite a while to see what it is like because so many people here are Catholic. The St. Annes church is beautiful inside. The church services were good. They were a little different. Especially communion, but it was good to see what happens. It definitely reassured me and Elder Simmonds that we are in the right church.
Elder CWJensen