December 2, 2013

Dear Family and Friends:                       Monday, December 02, 2013

Alright. Well this last week was really good.

On Monday we climbed the firetower in Colebrook NH. It was really fun. It took a couple of hours to get up to it. Back in the day there was a house up there on top of the mountain and someone got paid to live up there and man the firetower. Out here the mountains are not bare on the top. There are still a bunch of trees so you cannot see out unless you have a firetower. When we got up to the top there was nothing stopping the wind. It was really cold. We had a lot of fun. There was a waterfall that was frozen that we climbed on as well. After that me and Elder Erekson went on exchange and drove back to Berlin. On the way back we saw a bull moose. It was dark so we didnt get any good pictures. Monday night we went to the Bergerons. His daughter was up from Massachusetts. We were just having some casual discussion and we talked about her beliefs and our beliefs. Sister Bergeron felt sick so we gave her a blessing. After the blessing the daughter, Angelica asked if she could get baptized. We told her of course. We scheduled another lesson to teach her before she went back to Massachusetts.

On Tuesday we had a pretty good day. We visited Jessie to see how she is doing. She hasnt been progressing very much lately. Also we taught at Lu's house we taught CJ, Seth and Ethan. We watched the Finding Faith in Christ movie.

We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ that talks about baptism and repentance. We committed them to a baptism date of Feb 1 2014.

On Wednesday we had our District Meeting. After District Meeting we went to the Ming House Chinese restaurant with Lu and CJ, Ethan, and Seth. That was a lot of fun. It rained all day. We went to the Bergeron's and talked to Angelica again. We taught a brief lesson. After that we went to dinner at the Gorham house of Pizza with the Browns. Some members in our Branch. After dinner we taught Jules.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving we went to the Flint Farm. We fixed the brakes on his truck. It was a lot of fun. After that we went to Lu's and had another lesson. (They like to have us over a lot) The lesson went well. For Thanksgiving dinner we went to the Andreas house. It was really good. After dinner we went to a really good lesson at the Bergerons. Angelica was there again. We taught about the Restoration. A few more of Bergeron's friends were there and they were interested as well, especially a lady named Debra. It was an amazing lesson. Really spiritual. We set up a return appointment with her on Tuesday.
On Friday we had a good day. We had our weekly planning which was really good. We taught Jules and that lesson went fairly well. We also taught Lu and CJ and Ethan and Seth (again.. man we go over there a lot but they are a great family and they live really near to us.) There was a Christmas parade downtown. They even had fireworks, a really good firework show.
On Saturday we taught a few people. We taught Sister Taupier and her friend Paul. The lesson went a little long. Paul wasnt very interested in finding out if the Book of Mormon was true. After the lesson there we taught a lesson to an active member family, the Goyettes. They fed us a good meal and we taught a really good spiritual lesson.
Sunday we had church of course. After church we sang some Christmas carols at the Coo's County Nursing home. (Coos is pronounced Co-os, like Coop is pronounced Co-op) That was a lot of fun. After that we stopped by the Bergeron's and talked to Ed. It went pretty good. After that we went over to Lu's (again... we are going over there today too.) We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them. 
So this week was really good. We have been working really hard. Also I got a package from my parents and they included an article about the scouting broadcast that was at the Conference Center. I am watching it right now during emails. 

Click this link to watch the Scouting Broadcast celebrating 100 years 

I am really enjoying it. Right now I am watching the part about Scout Masters about 30 minutes into it. It reminds me a lot about Brother Jasperson. They had a part in there where the scouts share their testimonies over the campfire.  It reminded me of Brother Jasperson doing that.  I loved the testimony meetings we had at Boy Scout Camp.  Everyone should watch it. I miss the Boy Scouts a lot. Hopefully I can be part of the scout program when I get back.