November 25, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,                 Monday, November 25, 2013 at 11:06 (EST)

Alright I gotta be quick this week cause we are going hiking in Colebrook and we have to leave here soon.

Monday we taught the Bergerons and Jules.

Tuesday I was on exchange to Laconia. Me and Elder Wells had a blast. I hope we can be companions sometime.  A ward member in Montrose asked me to look up her brothers that live near Laconia, New Hampshire if I was ever able to go there.  Her brothers are not members of the church.  She called her brothers to let them know that I would be stopping by sometime.  We met one brother. Briefly. I knocked and introduced myself and that I knew his sister. He said that he was "making dinner." He raised his hand up to show he wasnt interested and shut the door. That is a common New England phrase for, "I'm all set" which is a common New England phrase for "I'm not interested and dont want to talk with you" So that was a bummer. But if I go down there again we will stop by.

Wednesday we taught the Bergeron's and Ann and Danny.

Thursday we did some service on the dairy farm. He had us change the oil in his loader. That was fun. I love the service there. After that we taught Nakita's parents the stop smoking program. That was cool. And then we taught CJ, Lu's daughter.

Friday we read the Children's Book of Mormon with Seth and Ethan, Lu's grandkids, CJ's kids. They want to be baptized. Ethan had a cool experience with receiving an answer to his prayers.  Then we taught Jules, the Bergerons, and Jessie.

Saturday we helped with the Winter Farmers market. There was a lot of cool stuff there. Then we taught a new less active member and her non member friend Paul. After that we went to Stake Conference. That was a good meeting. We learned a lot. It was snowing during the meeting and when we left at 8:30 the roads were really slick. It was fun.

Sunday we had Stake Conference. We taught Nakita and she wants to get baptized on January 1,  2014. We also taught the clan at Lu's house, CJ, Seth and Ethan. Seth and Ethan want to be baptized. CJ found out the other day that the church is true after she prayed. She is still waiting to see if she wants to commit to it and be baptized.

Well that is gonna be it. I have a lot more to talk about it was a really good week.

Elder CWJensen