October 7, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                    Monday, October 07, 2013 at 12:15 (EDT)

Well this last week was really good.

Monday: We went hiking like I talked about last week. In the evening we didnt do anything really crazy. We just walked around Berlin.  For Preparation day today we are going over to the Foust family and playing a game called Dungeons and Dragons. 

Tuesday:  The Fousts a family that lives in Lancaster took us to a restaurant called the Dairy Bar in Berlin. The place was really good and surprisingly cheap.  After lunch with them we looked for volunteer opportunities in Berlin. We stopped in at the Chamber of Commerce and we might be able to volunteer for an event called Riverfire. Every fall they light the boom piers on fire. The boom piers are rock islands in the river that are spaced about 40 yards apart. They run up the river for 10 miles. They used them to separate the logs flowing down the river to the two sawmills. Now they dont use them. We met an awesome potential investigator named Celena. We were walking down the street and a teenage kid yelled out at us, making fun of us. We went over and talked to him and his sister on the porch. He wasnt interested but his older sister was. We gave her a Book of Mormon and we are going over on Wednesday with a recent convert in the ward, Brother Botha.

Wednesday:  We went to Bartlett. It was a pretty good day. We talked to another potential investigator, Mark. On the drive back a bunch of people were stopped in the road. There was a moose out in the trees. We stopped and took a couple of pictures of it, and we took a lot of pictures of the tourists oohing and aahing over the moose. Out here they call the tourists "Leaf Peepers" because all year nobody lives up here but in the fall its super crowded until the leaves are gone and then all the tourists leave. (leaf haha)

Thursday:  We went to Milan. It is really pretty up there and no tourists go there. Also every time we drive to Milan we get to see the giant ski jump. We contacted a few people up there. We came back to our apartment for lunch. While we were eating a bunch of cop cars pulled in front of our apartment. They were all outside of our neighbors house talking to the people that live there. We watched for a while and what we've figured is that one of our neighbors died. We dont know if she committed suicide or just accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs. After that we tried to fix a ladys car horn. I tried to figure it out as best I could without tools. I really just needed a test light and I could have figured out what was wrong, so we just played with it to see if we could get it to work. But we couldnt. 

Friday:  We had interviews with our mission president in Plymouth New Hampshire. We had to drive our car down. We picked up the Colebrook Elders in Lancaster and then drove down there. On the drive to Plymouth, there is a stretch of the only 2 lane freeway I have ever seen, through Franconia notch I think. Im pretty sure that is where the Old Man of the Mountain was. New Hampshire is so proud of the Old Man of the Mountain. Thats whats on the back of their state quarter. The old man was a rock that looked like a mans face. He fell down in 2003, but they still have his picture on just about everything. Zone Interviews went pretty well. The Zone Leaders taught us a good lesson. After all that we drove back. We helped a lady in our branch move to a new apartment, and then had a lesson with Jules, a less active member.

Saturday and Sunday:  Were both really good days. We got to be at the church all day both days and watch General Conference. This was one of the best General Conferences I have ever watched. I really enjoyed Elder Hales's talk as well as Elder Christofferson's talk. There were also a lot of good talks about Missionary work. Well thanks everyone for supporting me and reading my letters and sending me mail. I really enjoy getting mail. I dont have a lot of time to write back but I sure do enjoy it!
Elder CWJensen