September 30, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,                    Monday, September 30, 2013 at 4:51 p.m. (EDT)

So this past week has been pretty awesome.

Monday: we mostly stayed around the apartment. There was a lot that I had to clean up from previous missionaries. So that was kind of boring. Monday evening we did an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Elder Ward came up here and Elder Stauffer went with Elder Crane back to Laconia.

Tuesday:  was a good day. I really enjoy Elder Ward. He is from Northern Utah, near Bear Lake. He is a really down to earth person. Most missionaries out here just played video games back home. He actually did a lot of things that I enjoy a lot like going camping and having bonfires and shooting prairie dogs with .22s so it was a lot of fun to talk with him. Also he served in Randolph (Berlin) previously. It was his first area, and Lamoille (Johnson) was his second area, so we talked about Lamoille a lot and all the people that we both miss there. We taught Jessica and she accepted a baptismal date of November 2, 2013 so that was pretty exciting.

Wednesday: we had District Meeting in the morning. The lesson that I taught was on asking for referrals from the people we meet. The whole district agreed to be 100% this week in seeking for referrals from everyone. After that we had the beautiful drive down to Bartlett. We met some interesting people down there. This one lady opened her door and told us that we were stupid to come out here and that she doesnt believe in "Mormon Mythology." She said that only unintelligent people believe in God and that she "believes in science." I told her that I also believe in Science, but I also believe in God. She said we were wasting our time being missionaries. That was a lot of fun.

Thursday: was a fun day in Milan. Milan is a very pretty area of New Hampshire. On the drive up there we drove by the federal prison. We didnt find many people that were interested up there, but I sure did enjoy the scenery.

Friday:  we stayed in Berlin. We volunteered at the Thrift Store. The place is huge. They call it the East Berlin Mall. We vacuum. After that we taught a less active member Jules. Then we went to the Hilliards for dinner. I felt really bad because we showed up and they just fed us. We were the only ones eating. They didnt have a kitchen table so we just ate on the floor. It was hot dogs and beans. I feel really bad when I see people in situations like that.

Saturday: we went to Lancaster. We pretty much just helped out the Savards all day splitting wood. It was a lot of fun. After we were done splitting a cord we drove back to Berlin and had a dinner that the farmer's market put on. That was fun, and that was about it.

Sunday: not much happened besides church. We brought the sacrament to some lady that has cancer in her spine.   

Today was a lot of fun. We hiked a small mountain near Berlin. We just walked up an old logging road for a ways and then headed up the mountain. The logging road was at least 10 years old so a lot of brush was growing on it. Apparently the moose like to bed down in it because we startled one that was asleep. It was about 15 or 20 yards away. We heard it get up real quick and run into the trees. We never did see it though. The view from on the top of the mountain was really cool. You could see all of Berlin. We just hung out there for about an hour and then hiked back down. I was also excited to find out that Berlin has an Arctic Cat Dealership. So we went out to check that out. The guy there was really cool, but was really busy and didn't have time to talk, even about snowmobiles. We might see if we can talk to him next week about the 2014 sleds.

Elder CWJensen