October 28, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,                  Monday, October 28, 2013 at 1:13 p.m. (EDT)

This week has been crazy busy.

Monday we had a busy Preparation Day and then had some mexican food at the Halls. That was really good. 

Tuesday morning we left really early to get to transfer meeting. I recieved my new compainon elder simmonds and elder stauffer went to auburn maine. The meeting was good. We told our ride to show up at 3:00 so that we could make it to Berlin for our lesson at 6:30, but he didnt show up until 4:30. so we didnt have our lesson because the drive is 3 hours. So we worked in Lancaster and found some people, the 12 tribes. 30-40 live in a house there in Lancaster and they fed us dinner and everything. It was crazy. After that we went home.

Wednesday we had District meeting which went well. Then we had a lesson with Jessie, and Jules. 
Thursday we went to Milan. That was pretty good. We helped a lady, Sue put a cover on her boat. She might start investigating. We had a lesson with the Bergerons, and Lu both Less actives.

Friday we had weekly planning and then taught Jules and our new investigator, Nakida. The lesson with Nakida went well. 

Saturday we stayed in Berlin most of the day. We raked a bunch of leaves at the church for the fall cleanup. There must have been half a ton of leaves. It was crazy. After that we had a lesson with Danny and Sue. 

sunday we had an awesome lesson with Jessica. She is Lu's daughter and wants to be baptized. We should be scheduling it for sometime in December. We talked about the Atonement and Jesus Christ dying on the cross for us. We also taught Jules again.

TRANSFER updates and questions
My apartment has: A living room/ kitchen and a tiny bedroom.  How many units are in the building? There are 3 apartments in the building. Like many apartments in New England it used to be a house. We walk up some stairs and there are two apartments upstairs. The lady next to us is really nice. Her name is Mandy and she is a former investigator.

How is the Teaching Pool? Not too many investigators. Our investigators are doing well. We had a great lesson with Jessie yesterday. We came up with a list of things that she needs to do before she can be baptized and she is working on them. She really wants to be baptized. So in the next lesson we will be scheduling a date with her. Nakida is a new investigator. She is 10 years old. She has been coming to church with her grandmother. We taught her the Restoration last week, and it went very well. She also desires to be baptized. We are teaching the Robinsons the Restoration tonight. We planned it very thoroughly so it should go well. Also we should have more new investigators this week.

District Leader over which missionaries?  
Randolph Branch?  Elder Simmonds and Elder Jensen (me) 
Colebrook branch?  Elder Roberts and Elder Erekson 
Couple Missionaries serve in both branches: Elder and Sister Richards

Who are your Zone Leaders?  Elder Wells and Elder Crane. Elder Wells was my Zone Leader in the Montpelier Zone. We will be going on exchange so it should be a lot of fun. He is a great person and a lot of fun.
How has it been training a new companion? It has been a lot of work and has been a little stressful, but at the same time it has been a lot of fun.
How did the drive down to Transfers work out? We were able to get Brother Quayle to drive us down. The drive was pretty good. 

Well I gotta go. Hopefully that is enough info. Enjoy the pictures.

Elder CWJensen