October 21, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                                Monday, October 21, 2013  at 3:38 EDT

Hey. I am staying here in Randolph and will be training a new missionary. Elder Stauffer will be staying Jr. and is leaving. We will find out who my new companion is and where Elder Stauffer is going on Tuesday.  

Will you still be a District Leader? Yes I am still District Leader

What do you do as a District Leader?  
As a District Leader I teach District Meeting every Wednesday. I also go on exchange with the Colebrook Missionaries and train them. Every Wednesday and Sunday Night I have call in reports where I call Colebrook and get a report from them, and then call the Zone Leaders and relay that report to them along with ours here in Randolph.

What is the name of your District? The Awesome District! No I dont know. Probably the Randolph District.

Tell us more about the other Elders that you have worked with in your District.

Elder Stauffer   He was trained in Skowhegan Maine and has only served there and Randolph. He likes snowboarding, and playing Pokemon. He also likes dirtbiking.

Elder Roberts came out in March. He is from South Weber, Utah. 

Elder Erekson came out in June. He played soccer for LDS Business College? He is from Murray, Utah.

Couple Missionary
Elder and Sister Richards are from Rexburg, Idaho. They teach an Addiction recovery program. They also visit a lot of Less Actives

Tell us about your Concord Zone Leaders that serve in Laconia

Elder Ward is from Randolph Utah. He has served in both Randolph, New Hampshire and Lamoille, so it was a lot of fun to be on exchange with him. Also he likes guns and trucks so we had some fun conversations.

Elder Crane is 6'7" he trained Elder Quinn (Elder CWJensen knows Elder Quinn from the MTC in Provo, Utah)  and has been companions with Elder Walker (Elder CWJensen was companions with Elder Walker also).

Did you get to do service at the RiverFire?  No we werent able to. The lady never called us, and we were in Lancaster all that day. We didnt even think to drive by.

Are you nervous to train a brand new missionary?
I guess. I have been just making sure the apartment is really clean and orderly so that he can know what missionaries should be doing.

My birthday was just another regular day. I was on exchange in Colebrook, and nothing super memorable happened.  The scrapbook was really cool.  The Matco shirt was sweet. Its too big to wear, so I put it up on my wall.

Did you like the Berlin Germany shirt that Casey sent to you? The Berlin Shirt was sweet. Its even cooler to think that it came from Germany.

Also fun fact of the Day. Berlin NH is pronounced different from Berlin Germany. Its pronounced Berlehn... if that makes sense. Not Ber-liin, like Berlin Germany.

Phonetic Pronunciation:  Berlin Germany is bur-LIN
Phonetic Pronunciation:  Berlin, New Hampshire is  BUR-lin

Tomorrow you will be driving down to the mission home in Bedford, New Hampshire for Transfers to pick up your new companion.  Do you have miles for this or do you have to find someone to take you like you did last time?

We have to find a ride for it. We did have a ride on Sunday. Brother Savard told us he could definitely drive us down. But he cancelled on us at 3:00 today, so as of right now we have been scrambling to get a ride from someone, so I am writing this email in between phone calls. We do not have enough miles to get down there and back. 

Well I have run out of time to write emails it is now 4:38.  We have a dinner at 5 o'clock.  I have been working these last couple hours trying to find a ride.   I was able to find a ride though.  So next week I will send a better email.

Elder CWJensen