August 5, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,       Monday, August 5, 2013  at 10:29 a.m. (EDT)

So Just to answer a few questions about transfers first.
Elder Walker is now home in Alpine Utah.
My new Companion is: Elder T. Smith
My Companion is from: Highland Utah
My Companion has been out since. April 24 2013
Where did your companion get transferred from? Cornish Maine

How is the truck doing? It is doing great. We keep on getting flat tires as we are driving through construction. They use granite on the roundabout they are building, and when there is a nice pointed piece it goes right through the tire. I would never personally buy a Nissan Frontier. It drives too much like a car.

So how are the sisters doing in the ward? The sisters are doing great. The Ward loves them, which is no good for us because the ward members give them all the referrals in our area. Instead of then giving the referrals to us, they go and contact them, which is a little frustrating.
I am now the senior companion. This last week has been tough. I didnt know that being a senior companion could be so stressful. It has helped me to re-evaluate myself and how I do missionary work. Elder Smith is a really good missionary. 

 I read Doctrine and Covenants Section three this past week. Verses one through 11 really stood out to me. During the translation of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith had finished translating 116 pages. His scribe, Martin Harris wanted to show the manuscript to his wife. Joseph prayed and asked God if he could lend the pages to him. He was told not to. He kept on asking and the third time he prayed God said that he could lend the pages to Martin Harris. Martin ended up losing these pages and Section 3 is God basically telling Joseph "I told you not to do that and you did it any way." As I was reading this story I read it as if it were talking to me. I came to the realization that God's work will always be accomplished. The best way for it to happen is his way. 

I felt like these verses in Doctrine and Covenants were telling me, "Even though you have many gifts and can do many things, if you boast of your own strength you will not have the power to teach. You have been entrusted to move the work forward in the Lamoille Valley area. Theres a lot of rules in the missionary handbook, but remember the promises that were made to you if you keep them. So many times you have disobeyed those rules that were set forth. If you just would have been faithful, and followed those rules God would have extended his arm to help you in times of trouble. Elder Jensen you were chosen to be a servant of God, those rules were set forth for your benefit, if you dont shape up you will fall, and you will be unable to teach. God is merciful, repent of the things you have done. You are still chosen and you are called again to the work." I was really glad that I had read that section.

On Monday me and Elder Walker did our usual things, we cleaned the apartment and went to Johnson State College to Email. After that we went shopping and then saw Allen, a less active member and then we stopped by Adam and Faith and gave them the supplies that they need for the Stop Smoking Program.

Tuesday we got up early and drove down to the church. Elder Keller and Elder Caserio met us there. Elder Walker and Elder Caserio rode with Sam down to transfer meeting while me and Elder Keller stayed in Lamoille. We saw a couple of people and then went and helped Herb move some things at his place. While we were in the middle of that, Sam showed up with Elder Smith, my new companion, and Elder Leenning, Elder Keller's new companion. After that me and Elder Smith saw a few people. We taught a short lesson to Morgan.

Wednesday we got out the mountain bikes and rode down to Johnson. Its about a 3 mile ride. Going down the hill was a lot of fun. We chained up the bikes and walked around. We taught a lesson to Denise and to Kirby, and to Morgan. Morgan read 1 Nephi 13 and she had some questions about it so we answered them. After that we had to ride all the way up the hill.

Thursday we had district meeting. That was fun because Elder Simkins was there. He was trained in Lamoille about a year and a half ago so he asked about how things are going. After that we saw a couple of people. One of which was Thomas and Jessie. We taught a short fun lesson about the Book of Mormon. We talked about how the Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. A keystone is the very top part of a stone arch. It is the most important part and if the keystone is not made right the arch will be weak. We made an arch out of paper and had their 5 year old daughter, Brooke pull the keystone out. Of course the arch fell. We then explained that the Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. If you can disprove the Book of Mormon then the chruch falls with it. Many people have tried to disprove the Book of Mormon in the 150 years since its translation, and it has held up. They really enjoyed that lesson.

Friday we scraped paint for some people in Bakersfield. We asked them if they have ever been taught by missionaries. They said they hadnt and that they werent interested. We are going over next week to scrape paint again. After that we contacted some people but had no luck.

Saturday we went to the Joseph Smith birthplace memorial. Joseph Smith was born in Sharon Vermont in 1805. There is a huge monument on the place where he was born. We took Kirby and Wendy there and they had a great time. They show a movie there that talks about the life of Joseph Smith. They really enjoyed that.

They have several versions of the movie. It is the same movie but from different peoples point of view. The one we watched was from his mother's point of view. The one they have online is a little bit different. After that we saw a floating bridge. It is basically like a big dock that is tied to both ends of this lake. You used to be able to drive over it but since then they closed it. It is the only one in the state of Vermont.

Sunday we taught Adam and Faith. The lesson went great we talked about three things that would help them grow their faith. Going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures. (CPR- Church, Pray, Read) They loved the lesson. We had a little object lesson. They have a baptismal date of September 7 and they are so excited. Adam and Faith have 4 children. Isaiah is 12, Bella is 8, Cassie is 3, and Landon is 8 mo.
All in all it was a pretty good week.

Elder CW Jensen

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