August 13, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,                                     Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 1:12p.m. (EDT)

Monday we had our Preparation day. We pretty much just hung around the apartment. Then a lady from Church, Sister Larsen took us out to Pizza. It was pretty great.

Tuesday we went up to Fletcher Vermont. It sure is pretty up there. Just a bunch of farm fields. Not a whole lot of missionary work to do though. We contacted a few people but nothing went anywhere. That night I went on exchange with Elder Lenning in St. Albans. It went pretty well. Elder Lenning is a good Elder but he could still use a little more growth. Serving with Elder Keller is very good for him.

Wednesday I was in St Albans with Elder Lenning. We walked around the town and we taught a couple of lessons. One of them went really well. It was a couple's first lesson with the missionaries. It was pretty sweet.

Thursday we switched back after District Meeting. Me and Elder Smith went up to Waterville. We didnt really see anyone, and our lesson for that evening cancelled. It was a bit of a bummer. We did teach a less active member, Larry Wells though.

Friday we went up to Eden. Elder Smith got to see the giant hole in the road. We went to Jeremy's house and set up a lesson to teach him and his wife and his less active brother, so that was good. We also stopped by Adam and Faith's to see if they would be at church.

Saturday we were at a church BBQ all day. We met a few non members but mostly we just built our members trust in us. Then we helped with Ezra the Bishop's Son's Eagle Project. We had to paint a barn.

Sunday during Coordination we told everyone we were going to be teaching tithing to Adam and Faith and they all freaked out. A bunch of the ward members kept on asking if we were for sure they were ready. They just tore us up and down giving us "advice" on how to approach the lesson. And then they praised the Sisters for all the "great work they are doing." It was awful. I feel like sometimes now that we have sister missionaries that the members like the sisters more than us, even though we are still doing great work. The lesson went well with Adam and Faith and it made sense to them.

Monday We had Zone Conference. That is why I didnt email yesterday. Zone Conference was pretty great. We are using members to help us with missionary work.

Elder Jensen