June 24, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                     Monday, June 24, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. (EDT)

This past week was awesome. I got a new companion and Elder Smith left to be Zone Leader in Exeter, New Hampshire. 

The computer wasnt cooperating today so my Email is a little shorter:

My Companion is:  Elder Walker, from Alpine, Utah
My Companion has been out since: Aug 3, 2011.  Elder Walker will go home from his mission on July 30, 2013 on the next transfer day. 
Is your companion the senior companion? Yes
Is your new companion the Designated Driver? Yes.
My Address is the same.  We live in Johnson. Vermont.
Me and Elder Walker have gotten along really well together. This is his last transfer so I will learn a lot from him. Lamoille was his first area so he is super excited to be back. We are going to get a lot of work done.

What is the names of the Sister Missionaries that are serving in the LaMoille Valley Ward
Sister Reid, from Idaho Falls, and Sister Kotter, from Layton, Utah.
How long have they been out on their missions?  Sister Reid has been out as long as I have and Sister Kotter is fresh from the Missionary Training Center.
How are you going to split the Ward between the Elders and the Sisters? The Sisters will get Hyde Park, Morristown, Stowe, Wolcott, Elmore, and Hardwick. Us Elders will get everything north. Johnson, Eden, Cambridge, Underhill, Fletcher, Waterville, Bakersfield, Enosburg, Belvidere, and Montgomery.
Where are the sisters going to live? The Sisters are living in Morrisville.             

Are you anxious to meet your new mission president? Not really. Its sad to see our Mission President go. He's and awesome guy. We get to meet the new mission President on Saturday, July 7. He will drive to Essex Jct. Vermont where we will meet him.

Were you happy to stay in Lamoille with a new companion? I was super excited to stay in Lamoille. It is an awesome place and we have an awesome ward.

Someone had mentioned about the Sister Missionary who was scheduled to come to the New Hampshire Manchester Mission, but then her brother died hiking in Provo. We heard a little about her. She had been in the MTC for 3 hours when she found out about her brother. She attended the funeral and then re-entered the MTC. She is scheduled to come out on July 1. This last transfer on June 18th we got 28 new missionaries. 29 if you include that Sister.

Elder CWJensen