June 17, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,                           Monday, June 17, 2013 at 1:16 p.m. (EDT)

Today we had a nerf war for our district preparation day at the Essex chapel. After that we had dinner with the Bigalows in Underhill. Underhill is a really pretty area. We were excited because the food was actually spicy. New Englanders dont really like spicy food, but the Bigalows are from Utah so they know how to cook good mexican food.

Today we taught Jaime a little more about the Restoration of the Gospel. We also taught about the Plan of Salvation. Mostly that we lived with God before we came to this earth. After that we did some service on a farm up in Bakersfield. We first cleared out some rocks in the field. It was the worst place to have a farm because there was more rocks than dirt. After that we fed the cows.

Today we had some people to stop by in the morning that said that they were interested. It turned out that they really werent so we walked around and talked to people on the street. After that we did some service at the municipal building. We pulled weeds and spread mulch. We get a lot of attention because we do it while we are in our white shirts and ties. After that we taught Jamie and Morgan and then met with the Bishop.

Today was a lot of fun. We had district meeting up in St Albans. That was really good. We and the Zone Leaders in our district. Elder Knighton goes home this transfer so he was pretty much goofing off the whole time. He is ready to go back home. After that we did some service at 2nd Chance and then went on a split with two of the young men. On splits me and Elder Smith split up and bring someone from the ward with us. That way we can get twice as much work done. We visited about 6 less active members and 1 investigator when we split up so it was pretty productive.

Today we stopped by Phil and talked to him about prayer. He doesnt belive that God cares about our prayers. We invited him to just try it out. After that we went to Mike's and helped him put up his greenhouse. There was a lot of rocks in the ground so it took longer than we were expecting.

Today we stopped by Paula and Marcel. They let us help them milk there goats. It was really good and I think we are gaining Marcel's trust a little. After that we taught Adam and Faith, and really invited them to pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is a true book. They said that they would. 
After that we got a call from my Misson President telling us about transfers. I am staying in Lamoille Valley (Johnson) as the junior companion and Elder Smith got called to be a Zone Leader. He was really surprised about that. So we go down to Transfer meeting on Tuesday to pick up my new companion. Also this transfer we are getting sisters to the ward.

We had a good day at church. Everybody said that they will miss Elder Smith. After church we went to Morgan's and taught her, and then talked to Denise. It was a really good week.

Elder CW Jensen