July 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                          Monday, July 28, 2014 at 11:25 a.m. (EDT)

Note:  Elder CW Jensen's Grandpa Jensen served his mission in Montrose, Colorado and taught and confirmed Dorothy.  Dorothy's Grand-daughter is Sister Upton she was raised in Vernal, Utah. 

So tell me more about Sister Upton and Sister Brown that are serving with you in the Bedford Ward. Sister Brown and Sister Upton are doing some great work in Bedford. They were shotgunned into the area. In some missions they call in whitewashing. It means that both previous sisters were transferred out and 2 new ones were transferred in. I have never shotgunned in an area but I have heard that it is really hard because you dont know the area at all.
What do the Sister Training Leaders do / Who attends this Mission Leadership Council?  There are 5 stakes in our mission, the Montpelier Stake, the Concord Stake, the Exeter Stake, the Augusta Stake, and the Bangor Stake. Currently each stake has 2 zones. Each stake also has one set of Sister Training Leaders. So our Sister training leaders help the sisters in both the Concord South Zone and the Concord North Zone. They primarily go on exchanges with the sisters in the Stake and they take care of girl issues and drama, so that we as Zone Leaders don't have to deal with that. The Sister Training leaders call us every Sunday to report how the Sisters are doing in our Zone and if we can do anything to help. I believe they also report to Sister Stoker how the Sisters are doing on issues that we dont really need to know about. So for the MLC (Mission Leadership Council)there are 20 Zone Leaders that attend and 10 Sister training leaders.

This week was a really fantastic one. This area is just exploding. This past week we had 6 member present lessons and 6 other lessons. We can definitely attribute that to the ITLs.  (Invitations to Learn). I am doing really good and am loving the work.

Here is a list of the people that we are regularly teaching:

S has been doing really well. We don't know exactly what to do with him. He really wants to be baptized by the end of the year, so we are working on that.  We had a lesson about Temples at the C's house the other day. It was a good lesson for all of them.  S is excited to go to the temple once he is a member.

TK is our Nepali investigator. He really likes us coming by but there is a huge language barrier. We got some Nepali materials. He read the Restoration pamphlet. He said that Joseph Smith was a "thinker." He has come to church 2 times now. I am really impressed that someone who knows almost no English would want to come to a church service that is entirely in English.

J and her family are doing better. Her friend H was there last time we came by. J and H said that we could come by next week and teach them more about the Plan of Salvation.

S said that she feels the spirit whenever we are in her home. We are arranging a church tour. Her son encouraged her to go to church.

T was quite a miracle this week. 3 weeks ago she wouldnt even talk to us when we walked by on the street. We talked to her on my first day in Manchester. She was not thrilled with us talking to her at all. Layer I was prompted to talk to her when we saw her. She was a different person. She invited us back to teach her about church. We taught the Restoration and she loved it. We asked if she would want to be baptized by proper authority and she said Yes that if the restored priesthood was on the earth people would be hunting for that. Unfortunately she moved into Manchester Ward, so the Manchester Elders will be teaching her.

D is from Florida. She has a huge faith in Jesus Christ. She likes us coming by and respects anyone who talks about Jesus Christ.

B is a lady that Elder Zilles and Elder Holley street contacted. She gave them her phone number. We ran into her at the baseball game. We called her and set up a lesson at the church. We were able to get one of her coworkers to come. He is a member of the ward. We taught the restoration and she said she would be baptized if it was true. We invited her to church and she came yesterday. We forgot to mention that it was 3 hours long. She said that she was a little surprised but didnt mind it being so long. She stayed for a baptism after church. She said that she really wants to come to church next week too. She really liked it. It was really cool.

M and C have been taught a few lessons. Their first lesson was a little over an hour long a few weeks ago. I think that built the expectation that our visits are always long, so we have tried to tone down our last lessons to under 20 or 30 minutes.

F and L are an older couple. They are some of the original Manchester people. They have French Canadian heritage. Manchester used to be a huge mill town. The whole West Side was French Canandians that worked at the mills. Manchester used to be a really nice clean town. You could leave your doors unlocked and not worry about them. New England gets a lot of refugees dumped here. There are also a lot of immigrants. That brings a lot of gangs and crime. So Manchester has really changed. They used to live by the airport, but the airport added a runway that dislodged 123 families. The original runway route would have allowed the houses to stay, but a nest of endangered eagles was discovered along the original route, so they re-routed it needing to demolish a neighborhood. A Mormon neighbor suggested that they have the missionaries come by to do the yard work. She said she would send a referral in. Well during that week that this conversation was going on we tracted their road. She answered the door and was surprised to see us, because the Mormon neighbor had told her that morning she would send missionaries by. We hadnt even received a referral. We just happened to tract into them. We have fixed their rain gutters, and their fountain so far. We have also taught the Restoration.

Elder CWJensen