July 14, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                               Monday, July 14, 2014 at 10:57 a.m. (EDT)

We had a Mission Leader Council this week on Tuesday. It went really awesome.

On Monday we had a few lessons. It started down pouring and thunder storming like crazy! When we got back to the apartment there was a bunch of Elders there to stay the night. We have 3 bunk beds in our apartment, so when missionaries need to stay in Manchester for the night, they come to our apartment. I think there was 10 Elders that stayed over. It was crazy.

On Tuesday we had the meeting all day. It was really good. Here are some take-aways from the meeting.

Mission Leader Council
 Therefore Whats 
July 8,2014
·        Make assignments
·        Give specific compliments
·        Help with ward events - plan a ward event
·        Use new study policy
·        Give them the sizzle not the steak (this one was mine. President Stoker said it. When we teach our lessons, we dont teach everything. We leave them wondering so they are interested. President said we should give them the sizzle and leave them wanting the steak.)
·        Be a friend through your example
·        Keep confidentiality
·        Follow weekly planning steps exactly
·        At least 10 Invitations To Learn per day.  While trying to talk with everyone we are focusing on inviting them to learn about the church. This past week me and Elder Holley had 115 Invitations To Learn or ITL's
·        Daily Contact
·        Always box out - When contacting potential investigators, former investigators, or less active members it is important to talk to people in the area. "Boxing out" means to knock on the doors surrounding that house.
·        Word of Wisdom
·        Promise Blessings
·        Use technology
On Tuesday night we drove a bunch of missionaries back to Vermont in the full size van the mission owns. We dropped them off in Montpelier. It was crazy to be so close to my first area in Johnson Vermont. We dropped them off and then stayed the night with the missionaries in Concord NH. We went on exchange with the Concord missionaries on Wednesday. I stayed with Elder Aldous in Concord.

On Thursday I was able to finally get back to Bedford around 4:30. So I was away from my area for much of the week.

This has been a really good week. We were able to get a lot of things accomplished even though we were away from our area for quite a bit of time this week. I went on exchange with Elder Aldous in Concord this week. He is such a great missionary. He did awesome at teaching investigators. He is very good at asking inspired questions. He also does really well with introducing scriptures to those we taught. All around he is just a really good missionary. Their apartment and car looked great and they do well with keeping their records updated. Elder Aldous does great with talking with everyone. 

Here in Bedford the work is going excellent. We are starting to work with the members more effectively. We have found that it works really well to ask members which less actives we should visit. When we are not working with the members we are hitting the streets hard. We talk with everyone and we have seen a lot of successes. Right now we have a lot of potential investigators who have said "yes" to us coming and teaching them. What we need to work on is contacting those potentials we have found and set up lessons with them. 

At church on Sunday a lady asked where I was from. I said Montrose Colorado. Of course she said, "Is that near Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, or Fort Collins?" I said no that it was in South Western Colorado. She asked if it is near Durango. I said about 2 hours north. She then asked if I was near Ooooray. She meant Ouray (pronounced Youray for those not familiar with Ouray) It was pretty funny. She said that she was really scared driving from Durango to Ouray going over Red Mountain Pass. So that was cool.

Things are going really well here.

Elder CWJensen