March 31, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                              Monday, March 31, 2014
This week was pretty good. Nothing much happened.
On Monday we went to Taco Bell in Brunswick. We did an exchange with the Topsham Elders. Last week they were in Bath, but they and the Sisters traded apartments, so now they are in Brunswick.  I stayed with Elder Dahlberg in Brunswick and Elder Dean came with Elder Hansen in Yarmouth. The Brunswick apartment is really cool. There are two vent holes in the ceiling that go to the bedroom in the attic. It made it perfect for throwing things at your companion in the living room. I stuck my feet through them because it looks funny.
Tuesday me and Elder Dahlberg went to the Soup Kitchen in Brunswick. It was some pretty fun service. We served the people that came in. We had potatoes, roast beef, and green beans. It was pretty tasty. After that we tracted. That evening we had a Ward Council. They had one that lasted 2 hours. After that we went to the apartment. I was sitting downstairs. At about 10:15 Elder Dahlberg shot me with a nerf gun through the vent in the ceiling. We ended up having a full out nerf war which ended after he jumped off of the 5th step on the stairs. He made a loud thud on the floor and the neighbor downstairs yelled at us to be quiet.
Wednesday we had District Meeting. Then we had service at the FCC. All we do for that service is hand out cans of food to people that come in.
Thursday we walked all day. We ended up walking a total of 15 miles.
We walked to Cousin's Island, which is about 5 miles. We were going to visit a less active member, but he wasn't home. So we knocked on a few doors. No one was interested so we walked back. We were pretty sore, but it felt good to do some exercise.
Friday we had Weekly Planning and then we had a lesson. The lesson went pretty well. We talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. 
On Saturday we tracted in Pownal. We met a farmer and I got to talk about cars with him. He worked on VW cars for 40 years. We had dinner with the Cavanaugh's. 
Sunday we went to church. Then we taught Brother Hovey. We had dinner with the Stake President who is in our branch. They have a really nice house.  Then we drove through the outskirts of Portland. It is weird that I live that close to a big city now and I barely even realize it. It is only like 10 miles away.

Elder CWJensen