January 13, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                                    Monday, January 13, 2014 at 1:11 p.m. (EST)

This past week has been really good. Me and Elder Simmonds are glad we are together for another transfer. The work is going great.

This last week was pretty sweet! First of all a lot of funny things happened so I will go over those.

- We exchanged in Errol on Monday. I prayed during the exchange meeting. I prayed Elder Simmonds wouldnt hit a moose. Well he almost hit a moose on the way back to Berlin.

- I was on exchange in Colebrook and we drove by a Border Patrol officer. We missed our road and turned around in a nursing home. He had followed us in. He told us to unroll our window. ?He asked us, "Are you lost?" We told him that we just missed our road and that we were turning around." He then asked, "Where are you coming from?" We told him "Colebrook" He asked where we were from. Elder Daniels said "Colebrook" and I said "Berlin." He asked, "What are you all dressed up for?" Obviously we were wearing white shirts and a tie and we both had black coats on. We told him that we were missionaries. He was like, "Oh... I guess you can go." He totally pulled us over based on the fact that we were wearing nice clothes.

- Our neighbor was chopping wood the other day. Elder Simmonds asked how he was doing. He said "Ive been better..." Elder Simmonds thought he said something to the effect of "Im doing good so he said, "Thats good!"

- We were trying to explain a gospel topic to a child.  They didnt understand it so we tried to use an analogy of being a teachers pet. That you arent nice to the teacher just to be nice, you are nice because it benefits you. Ethan said "I dont want to be a teachers pet. Then I would have to be in a cage!"

- We went to a members house for dinner the other night. After dinner we wanted to have a lesson but before that they wanted to show us a video of them at a Christmas Program singing. So we agreed. We ended up watching a good portion of the Christmas program and that took up a lot of time. So we were ready to jump into the lesson after that. But they wanted to show us another video. This one was a recording from CNN. As missionaries we are not allowed to watch TV. It turned out being Gordon B. Hinckley on Larry King Live. I spoke up and told them, "Unfortunately even though the program has Gordon B. Hinckley on it who was a prophet we are not permitted as missionaries to watch Television." I spoke pretty loudly, but they just acted like they didn't hear it. I spoke again and said, "Really, we cant watch this with you." They continued to watch it. Our investigator even spoke up and said "The missionaries cant watch this, we should probably begin the lesson." Finally after about 5 minutes they got that we couldn't watch it. They got all upset and said, "I dont understand missionary rules." The lesson turned out really good though.

A family with children.  We have been teaching them about the Articles of Faith. We taught them about priesthood Authority this past week.

We have been teaching a Sister.  She wasnt able to come to church this week. She was sick, and we werent able to find them home for a lesson.

We still havent been able to meet with Sister A. We hope she has just been busy because her boyfriend had a heart surgery two weeks ago, but she hasnt returned any of our phone calls, and she hasnt answered the door. We are hoping she didnt run into some anti-literature about the church.

Some members had us over for dinner again this week. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister T is thinking about and praying about baptism. They both struggle with reading the Book of Mormon so they asked for blessings for more understanding. Previously Brother A has never read out-loud in Sunday School, but this past Sunday we noticed that he did read out loud so we are hoping that the blessing is working.

We had a lesson with Sister D on Saturday at a members house. The family invited him to come to their house for dinner and have a lesson. We taught about how the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other. It was an excellent lesson.

Sorry this last part is so short. Im a little strapped on time, but I hope you enjoyed the funny parts of my week!

Elder CW Jensen