August 26, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,                   Monday, August 26, 2013 at 11:24 a.m.

Well this last week went alright. It was a little bit tough for me because I have been thinking about my friend, Kreg, a lot. But other than that things have been well.

We hiked Mt. Mansfield. It was a great hike. I wish I could send some pictures, but we have been emailing at Johnson State College lately and they dont let you send pictures. It was great to be up there and look out over the whole state. It was a little bit smoky from forest fires out west, but we could see just past lake Champlain. After our hike we went to a part member family for dinner and then we played a fun game that was a face card version of Sorry. It was a lot of fun.
We taught Denise. Denise has been doing better. We have been going over and just reading the Book of Mormon with her. Last time she wanted to just keep reading and reading, so we read 3 or 4 chapters. After that we visited a few people Ken has been listening to the Book of Mormon on tape which is a big step for him. We have been going over and we just do some service for him and then we talk about what he has learned. Last week I helped him do some work on his minivan. His starter went out and his son couldnt figure out how to change it. So I helped him take it out. His son had problems with the top bolt which was right next to the engine mount. He wasnt able to get a combination wrench on it so he gave up. His son didnt have very good tools at all. I miss my nice tool set back home. Luckily I found a 12 point thinwall socket that fit between the bolt and the mount. The ratchet was terrible and I could barely get it to work. There was a big storm rolling in and I was worried I wouldnt get it out before it hit, but I got it out and right when we went in the house it started down pouring. It was pretty great to be able to get my hands all greasy again, and be able to help someone we are teaching. After that we taught Kirby and Wendy. Kirby is also doing well. We taught CPR (Church, Pray, Read) to him and his wife last week. It went excellent and Kirby is already in Alma in the Book of Mormon. Once he finishes it he will think about baptism.

We did some service for a less active, Allen. We helped him split some wood and put it in the basement. Out here since everybody uses wood for fuel everyone uses wood splitters. As missionaries we cant operate the splitter, so his nephew Tristen split the wood and we tossed it into the basement. I had never seen a splitter and it is a handy bit of machinery. Basically all theres a lawnmower engine that runs a hydraulic pump. Then theres one hydraulic piston that pushes the wood into a wedge to split the wood. A lot better than splitting it by hand. After that we taught Denise a little bit and talked to some of her friends, and then we met with the bishop.

We didnt do too much. Our dinner appointment cancelled, so instead of going to Waterville we stayed in Johnson. We visited a few people after district meeting and not much happened.

We had weekly planning. Then we helped Dave, a member fill sandbags with dirt. He is making a little root cellar in the side of the hill near his house. After that we had dinner Elliot and Shekhina's house. They are a little bit hippie so most of the stuff they eat is vegetarian and nasty, so they made us French toast instead, which was pretty good. They also gave us some really good corn. Everybody out here is against GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) and nobody will eat food that has had fertilizers or any other chemicals sprayed on it. Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn is genetically modified which is one of the reasons why it tastes so good. Elliot said that he had no idea why the corn tasted so good. I said that it probably was a GMO food.

We had an apartment inspection. That was pretty fun. A senior couple that works at the Joseph Smith Memorial drove up here to inspect our truck and apartment. When they pulled up the first thing they asked was, "Where is your car? It says Nissan Frontier on here, but I dont see a car." I pointed at the truck, they were all surprised and said, "You drive a truck?" "Yup!" It was pretty funny. They told us we need to fix a few things in the apartment. The bathroom is unfinished and they told us we need to paint the walls, even though its been like that for the last 15 years that missionaries have lived there. After that we had dinner at the Jewetts. We helped them split and stack some of their wood.

We had church. After that we went to Lunch/Dinner at the Cochran's house. Then we taught Adam and Faith. Adam and Faith are also doing great. We have now taught them everything they need to know before baptism. On Sunday we taught them about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. We brought Jim with us and he bore some great testimony. This family is so great! We moved their date back to October 5, 2013 so that we have some time to teach their 8 year old daugter, Bella who isnt usually there for the lessons.

Elder CWJensen