June 3, 2013

Dear Family and Friends                                                            Monday, June 3, 2013  3:42 (EDT)

Well I have no idea why my email didnt get sent from last week. It was a really good one too. I will sum it up in this email.

Monday May 20
We hiked up Long Trail today from the Highway towards Prospect Rock.

Tuesday May 21
We had Zone Conference. We got up early and the St Albans Elders met us at our apartment. I made french toast for everyone and they ate all my maple syrup. We met a member of the ward, Brother Elmer in Johnson and he drove us down to South Royalton. Brother Elmer works at an armory near South Royalton. We got there a little early so we walked around the Joseph Smith Memorial, a large granite monument that was placed where the prophet Joseph Smith was born in 1805. Zone Conference was really good. This is the last one before my mission president goes home. We talked about sharing our testimony with everyone we are teaching. It was really good. After the meeting we found out that Brother Elmer had a surprise inspection at work. We were going to sit up at the monument at the air conditioned visitors center, but instead we helped a man with the landscaping. We moved bark mulch around some maple trees on the drive up to the Monument. Brother Elmer finally showed up around 6:00. He took us out for pizza. On the drive back it started pouring rain. We didnt get to the apartment until about 9:00, so the St Alban's Elders stayed for the night at our apartment.

Wednesday May 22
Today I went on exchange with Elder Caserio It was pretty fun.
On Saturday we baptized Jake. I got the opportunity to baptize him. It was a really good experience. We also met Adam and Faith

Adam and Faith are our new investigators. They are our miracle this past week. On Saturday we went to their house and for the first little bit we just talked about life with them. The conversation naturally turned towards our purpose. We told them about what we do and that we were having a baptism that night. They told us their son had never been baptized. They asked how they could do that and that they would like to be baptized as well. We told them we would have to meet for a while and then we could baptize them. It was pretty awesome.

This past week was also good. The big things that happened was that I went on exchange with Elder Knighton, one of our Zone leaders, and then we had Zone Interviews in Essex Jct.

A miracle I witnessed this week was when we stopped by a Less Active's home. She has been with her grand kids in Barre for the past while but we decided to stop by anyway. We talked to her husband, Kirby for a while. We had been under the impression that he was baptized when he was 8 and that he was disinterested. Well we found out after talking that he has never been baptized. He had been reading the Book of Mormon along with his wife and he said that he would like to come to church. Missionaries have been teaching his less active wife for about a year and we never knew that he was a nonmember.

Well sorry that this letter wasnt so organized. I ran out of time really quick. I will try to remember some of the things I wrote on the letter that you didnt get. Next week I will be able to write a better letter.