March 11, 2013

Dear Family,                                                Monday, March 11, 2013  11:40 a.m. (EST) 

The mission has been going great. Ill write down a day by day overview for this week.

Monday: I really noticed how frugal I am able to be on a mission. We only get 5 dollars a day for food and whatnot and it always turns out that we have a surplus. We really notice how blessed this money is that we get because it is pretty much tithing money.

Tuesday:We did a service project at a trailer in Jolleys trailer park. We tore out a wall for them. We taught Carliee the Plan of Salvation at the Ciociolas. We taught Jamie and after we were done talking we talked on the porch. She a Jarom were smoking and it was so thick I could see me exhaling smoke.

Wednesday. We went and had Zone interviews in Essex Jct. We drove over a snowy pass from Bakersfield to Waterville. It is usually closed in the winter.

Thursday. We drove to hardwick. I wrote on a pass along card at somebodys house " Nice Sled. Call us and we can talk about snowmobiles and salvation." We taught Jay and Aliza the restoration. I felt impressed to show Jay my line of authority he thought that was pretty cool.

Friday. We stopped by Carliee but she had a migrane. Brother Jewitt got mad because somebody said he wasnt paying tithing. We stopped by the Fitzgeralds

Saturday.We went to stowe. We taught Jesse the Law of Chastity. We drove up to a manison where it said a less active lived. I thought I was going to get shot. There were cameras everywhere. The address is 189 Upper Springs Rd, Stowe if you wanna check it out.

Sunday. Kim got baptized. We stopped by a dairy farmers house and offered service.
Today: My companion wants me to hurry up so we can go to St Albans for District Preperation day.

Thats way cool that Kyla came over. I want to ride the train sometime it sounds like fun. I bet it was nice having Kyla over. That would be cool if she started a preschool. I hope Ben and Kyla find a good school soon. Theres Johnson college up here in Johnson they could go to :P

Both of the Jamies are the same. They said that they would be there on Sunday but they werent. Marissa is not interested in reading the Book of Mormon, but Tory is. We showed Jamie how to use the Index and other tools to get both her and Marissa more interested. Tory was at her moms house the last 3 times weve been there.

It would be nice to have the long sleeve shirt. If you are sending other stuff send it but if not just keep it until you do. I am fine with shirts right now. If Casey wants it he can have it but if not it would be nice to have another one. I have not been to the JSM Yet. I wont be able to until Zone Conference which is next transfer or if we get an investigator to go and arrange a trip down there.

Yes. I got the populations. Thank You.

Elder C. Jensen