February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013 at 4:09 p.m. EST

Family and Friends,

So after we got off the plane we went to the Mission Home (23 Maiden Lane Bedford NH) We had chili dinner there and did some orientation. We were there until 10:30. Me and 4 other Elders slept at the Assistants apartment. In the morning we went to Transfer meeting. After Transfer meeting we got a ride with Jeremy Cochron the ward mission leader. We drove up 52? to Lowell VT where he lives. He lives "off the grid" Which means he produces his own electricity and water. A lot of folks in the ward live off the grid and get power from solar panels and water from wells or springs. Brother Cochron has a spring. We picked up the truck and drove to Johnson. in Johnson we taught Sister Goss and Tucker. Then we went to the apartment. Lamoille is awesome.

Towns that I have been to is Johnson, Morriesville, Stowe, Wolcott, Hyde Park and Eden.
Mapling season has just begun. Maple syrup is really good but really expensive. It takes 40-90 gallons of sap to create 1 gallon of maple syrup. One gallon is 50 dollars. I had some at the mission home. It is kind of like honey. I thought for mapling they would put buckets underneath like they used to, but they tap the trees and hook up pvc pipe to all of them. They hook it up to a vaccuum and suck all the sap out. Ill try to get a picture of a grove that has all the pvc pipes set up. Hopefully we get to work on a farm doing mapling.

The mountains are actually pretty big out here. Everywhere we go is on a hill. The mountains are all covered in trees so they arent as impressive but they are big. With woods all around it feels like we are always out in the wilderness camping or something. Your voice always echos like it does in the mountains, bounces off the trees I guess.

This week has been awesome. We really have some good investigators. Mom would love all the red barns out here. They are really pretty with the snow. The Weeds have a really cool house. They are members and we had dinner at their house. The live in North Wolcott, between N Wolcott and N Hyde Park. We had to use 4x4 to get out of their driveway. They are off the grid and they only use one or two lightbulbs at a time. So it felt like we were eating by candlelight. He is a teacher at the High School. The School here is Elementary, Middle, and High School all in one. I think it covers Johnson, Morrisville, Hyde Park, and those areas but Im not sure. The grad classes are about 35. The church is 4 miles from our apartment. We are about 4 miles out of Johnson. Tonight we are driving to Manchester for training tommorow. We will pick up the Montpelier Elders on the way. I will drive safe. We write emails in the Church at the geneology center. Love you guys

Elder C. Jensen